Does Red Meat Cause Cancer?

If you read the papers or watch the news, there is a good chance that you’ve seen the recent nutrition report from the World Health Organization. The story has been reported worldwide by virtually every major news organization. In case you’re not aware, the report, produced by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, implicates processed meat and red meat in colon cancer. Here’s the … [Read more...]

Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

Looking for information on a ketogenic diet and cancer? You've come to the right place. A recent report from the World Health Organization states that the number of cancer cases worldwide is expected to surge by 57 percent over the next twenty years. For many, this will mean painful, expensive (and potentially deadly) treatments with chemotherapy and radiation. On the other hand, many others … [Read more...]

Turmeric: The Super-Spice You’re Probably Not Eating

Inside your kitchen cabinet there are probably dozens of spices and herbs you should be using more liberally... and more often. In fact, these flavor-boosters don't just make your meals taste better... they can also dramatically increase the healing power of your foods. Today I'm going to share one of most powerful superfood spices you should be shaking, blending and stirring into your meals … [Read more...]

Hormone Mimics in Plastic: How To Protect Yourself

Do you store your food in plastic containers? Do you ever put plastic in the microwave? If so, think twice about it. The reason? There are dozens - if not hundreds -  of chemicals found in our foods that act as hormone mimics - acting like the hormone estrogen. These gender benders (called xenoestrogens) cause early sexual development in children, reproductive difficulties for adults, and they … [Read more...]

Fight Cancer with a Low Glycemic Diet

Keeping your blood sugar stable with a low glycemic diet is an essential element in the cancer prevention diet. That’s because sugar promotes cancer in four ways: Raises insulin levels which promote cell proliferation Suppresses the immune system, including the activity of natural killer cells which “seek and destroy” rogue cancer cells Generates free radicals that damage DNA, leading … [Read more...]

Grass-Fed Beef: Why You Should Enjoy It With Spinach and Wine

In another Healing Gourmet article, you learned about the health benefits of grass-fed beef (and the bull that "all beef is created equal"). Now I've got more advice on getting the most from your meat. Enjoy it with a side of spinach... and a glass of red wine! Not only is this a tasty combination, but it can protect your body from the unsavory cell-damagers that are produced when we digest red … [Read more...]

Acrylamide in Foods (and 5 Ways to Protect Yourself)

A bowl of whole grain cereal... a piece of a wheat toast... and a cup of coffee. That might sound like a typical carb-rich American breakfast. And you probably already know that a high-carbohydrate diet can add pounds to your middle. But research shows that these foods could also increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's. That's because they also contain a known toxin - … [Read more...]

Probiotics Fight Cancer (And The Best Sources)

You probably know that probiotics—the bacteria found in yogurt, buttermilk, kefir and other cultured dairy products, as well as lacto-fermented veggies like sauerkraut and kimchi—can improve gastrointestinal health. Now new research shows another way these good-for-you germs guard against disease. Probiotics fight cancer! Inactivate Cancer-Causing Compounds... with Good Ole Fashioned … [Read more...]

Say ‘NO” to Farm Raised Fish for Cancer Prevention

While we’re still reeling from all the press on the profound health benefits of omega3 fats, emerging evidence shows there’s a catch. That delicious fish fillet on your plate provides a boatload of essential fatty acids, but you may also wind up with some uninvited dinner guests if you’re not a savvy seafood selector. Although farm raised fish salmon allows more seafood to get to market at an … [Read more...]

Watercress: Powerful Protection for Your DNA

Watercress, a member of the cancer-fighting cruciferous family of vegetables, was recently evaluated at the University of Ulster for its ability to guard against DNA damage. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, evaluated 60 cancer-free adults, half of whom were smokers. The researchers looked at the participants blood for levels of antioxidants and signs of DNA … [Read more...]

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