Most gourmands would agree with the old adage “spice is nice”.  And now scientists do too.

Inside your kitchen cabinet there are probably dozens of spices and herbs you should be using more liberally…and more often. Rosemary is one of them.

Rosemary Fights Cancer and Protects Against Inflammation and Oxidation

Recent research published in Oncology Reports found that rosemary has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to protect cells from oxidative damage. What’s more, the piney spice showed strong cancer-fighting activity against human leukemia and breast cancer cell lines.

Because rosemary is so effective at inhibiting oxidation, you’ll begin to see it listed as a natural preservative (called Vitiva) in some of your favorite foods.

Rosemary Fights Cancer: Getting the Most

In the meantime, add this “herb of remembrance” to marinades, salad dressings and teas to boost the flavor and antioxidant value of your foods. Learn more about using rosemary in your cooking and the many health benefits this herb provides.