While we’re still reeling from all the press on the profound health benefits of omega3 fats, emerging evidence shows there’s a catch. That delicious fish fillet on your plate provides a boatload of essential fatty acids, but you may also wind up with some uninvited dinner guests if you’re not a savvy seafood selector.

Although farm raised fish salmon allows more seafood to get to market at an affordable price and ultimately end up on our tables, evidence shows farm raised fish (especially farm raised salmon salmon) contains dangerous levels of cancer-causing industrial chemicals called dioxins.

Farm Raised Fish Boost Breast Cancer Risk By Up to 80% and DOUBLES Prostate Cancer Risk!

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that levels of two specific PCBs- PCB 118 and PCB 156-were linked to a 60% to 80% greater risk of breast cancer, especially among premenopausal women.

Similarly, a study published in Environmental Research found farm raised fish boosts thr risk for prostate cancer. In this study, serum samples were taken from healthy men and men with prostate cancer. The serum samples were evaluated for 30 PCBs. Researchers found that the odds of prostate cancer among men with the highest concentrations of PCBs were over two times higher than the men with the lowest concentration.

How To Forgo Farm Raised Fish

So how can you net the benefits of fish without the risks of PCBs? Healing Gourmet has a few simple solutions:

  • Out to eat? Avoid salmon on the menu-it is almost always farm-raised unless specifically noted “Wild Pacific Salmon”
  • In the grocery? Ask your locale fishmonger if it is “wild”. And look for fish labeled “wild” in the freezer case (Whole Foods, Target and Publix all have wild fish available). You can also get delicious, ultra-luxe wild Alaskan salmon that’s been confirmed free of PCBs at Vital Choice – and it’s delivered to your door!
  • On a budget? Canned wild salmon is a good option. Try our easy Wild Salmon Burgers or Dill Salmon Salad for a no fuss, budget-conscious omega-3 packed meal in minutes.
  • Smoked salmon? It’s usually farmed, and the smoking process produces carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Learn more about why you should avoid farm raised fish and the safer seafood options to choose.