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Julia Child said it best:

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.

In a world filled with fast food and 24-hour delivery, it can seem difficult to eat a healthy diet. And if you’re busy (who isn’t?),  the idea of healthy cooking may seem out of reach.

But the truth is, with a little planning, a few easy-to-master cooking techniques, and a handful of tools, you can create delicious, healthy meals in under 30 minutes that taste as good as they are good-for-you!

Cooking at Home: Creating The Healthiest Habit

Unfortunately, eating the typical Western diet can be seriously detrimental to your health. A steady diet filled with unhealthy fats, refined carbs and processed sugars drives up inflammation levels, creates blood sugar imbalances and insulin resistance, and promotes oxidation (or “rusting”) of the body.

The result: An increased risk of nearly EVERY chronic disease including  heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

While an occasional slice of pizza or other “junk” food isn’t so bad, the problem is that it’s all too easy for an occasional indulgence to turn into an unhealthy regular habit. And these assaults add up fast on your waistline… and in your health.

Healthy Cooking: Learn As You Go

The good news is that healthy cooking is easy and you can learn as you go.

We’ve designed each and every healthy recipe with the novice chef in mind. Don’t know how to properly sear a steak? That’s ok! Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the recipe and you’ll get the technique. You can also check out our healthy cooking terms encyclopedia to learn more about the buzzwords of healthy cooking including poach, blanch, saute, mince, chop, macerate and more!

Your Starting Point: Intelligent Ingredients

The first step in healthy cooking is discerning which ingredients are intelligent ingredients.

Unfortunately, many so-called healthy foods like yogurt, frozen “low-fat” meals, or granola bars, are not just unhealthy, they are harmful to your long term health. You’ll learn all about the healthy foods to choose in your cooking  as well as the name brand packaged foods to select in our healthy packaged foods directory. We’ve also created a guide for picking the healthiest packaged foods and our criteria for brands that you’ll want to check out.

Healthy Cooking = a Healthy Life

Numerous studies have shown that people who are conscious of their diets and cook at home are healthier and fitter than those who do not. They also feel better, look better, and live longer, healthier and more productive lives.

But eating most of your meals at home doesn’t have to mean slaving over the stove or buying a boatload of expensive ingredients.We’ll show you how to create quick and delicious recipes using the healthiest foods on the planet, while keeping your food budget in check and your time in the kitchen to a minimum.

We’ll also show you how to maximize the nutrition in every meal – like how to boost antioxidants in your cooking – while also reducing cooking-related risks like heating oils beyond their flash points, and the way you can ensure you’re grilling the healthy way.

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