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Donate Blood – Slash Heart Attack Risk By 88%!

If you want your car to run longer, you have the change the oil. You don't have to be an auto mechanic to know that when your oil becomes thick and full of debris, it creates more heat and friction. But what most of us don't know is that a very similar process happens inside your body. In fact, new research shows that the "viscosity" of your blood is one of the biggest risk factors for heart … [Read more...]

High Blood Pressure? Don’t Blame the Salt Shaker!

When it comes to lowering your blood pressure, all you hear is salt, salt, salt... But just as important as cutting sodium could be to increase your intake of potassium. A panel of research scientists at Johns Hopkins University analyzed data from more than 30 studies and reached the conclusion that potassium does indeed lower blood pressure. They even found that it worked nearly as well as … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Pistachios (Why You Should Eat MORE!)

Do you love pistachios? Don't feel guilty! Despite their previous label as a indulgent snack food with little health value, they're actually nuggets of pure nutrition and heart healthy too. Boost HDL and Antioxidants with Heart Healthy Pistachios A study published in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases examined the effects of pistachios on cholesterol levels and oxidative stress … [Read more...]

A Drizzle of Olive Oil Reduces Blood Pressure

You’ve likely heard that the Mediterranean diet is good for your heart and your brain. Now new research indicates that the olive oil in the diet should get part of the credit. The reason? Olive oil helps to lower blood pressure - a key factor for heart disease! Golden Olive Oil Reduces Blood Pressure A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that 25 ml (4 teaspoons) of olive oil … [Read more...]

Monounsaturated Fats and Heart Disease (Protect Your Heart with FAT!)

Healthy oils, nuts and seeds aren't just pleasing to the palette. They can also provide powerful protection for your heart. Monounsaturated Fats and Heart Disease:  A Healthy Fat Diet Trumps a Low-Fat Diet for Heart Health Research conducted at the State University of New York found that consuming a moderate fat diet providing monounsaturated fatty acids offers more benefits to the heart than a … [Read more...]

Folate: Essential for a Healthy Heart

Research shows that having elevated homocysteine levels increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases - including heart disease and stroke. Homocysteine impairs endothelial vasomotor function, which determines how easily blood flows through blood vessels. It may also cause damage to coronary arteries and increase the risk for blood cells to clump together and form a clot, which may lead to a … [Read more...]

Cranberries: Cranberries are Powerful Medicine

For 10 months, you hardly see or hear of cranberries. And then for eight weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas they make their annual appearance. But cranberries can do a lot more than liven up the holiday dinner table. Science reveals just how healthy they can be. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry showed that cranberries have more antioxidant phenols than 19 … [Read more...]

Cocoa: A Sweet Way to Lower Blood Pressure

More good news for chocoholics: dark chocolate, a good source of powerful antioxidant polyphenols can help reduce blood pressure. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association included six men and seven women aged 55-64 with mildly high blood pressure. On average, the participants' systolic blood pressure (the top number) was 153 and diastolic blood pressure (the … [Read more...]

Avocados: Whip up a Dip for the Heart

It may not be long before your cardiologist recommends avocados to help combat high cholesterol. One study showed that after seven days dining on diet that included avocados, patients with moderately high cholesterol levels saw a drop in both total and LDL cholesterol, as well as an 11% increase in heart-healthy HDL levels. That's because avocados contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fat … [Read more...]

Almonds: Reduce Inflammation and Guard The Heart

Two recently published studies suggest that a healthy diet that includes almonds can reduce two of the primary risk factors for heart disease: high cholesterol and elevated C-reactive protein (a marker for internal inflammation). Not only that, but both studies (published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, respectively) show that a diet … [Read more...]

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