Do you love the clean grassy flavor of extra virgin olive oil? Then you’ll love avocado oil.

This delicious monounsaturated-rich avocado oil is made by a great New Zealand company called Olivado.

Not only does this cold-pressed extra virgin oil make delicious dressings, but thanks to a flash point of 500° F – it is an excellent oil to use for cooking at high temperatures (Learn about the dangers of heating certain oils and how to protect yourself).

Absorb More Nutrients With Olivado Avocado Oil

And here are two more reasons you should include this healthy staple in your pantry:

  1. Avocado oil enables the body to absorb 17 times more carotenoids. These are the powerful antioxidant nutrients that give your salad its vibrant green, yellow and red colors and guard your cells from antioxidant damage.
  2. Avocado oil has twice the lutein as olive oil (this carotenoid nutrient provides powerful protection against macular degeneration)

Olivado, the makers of this healthy oil, is a company with a conscience too. Olivado purchases Fair Trade and Certified Organic avocados directly from independent, family-owned farms.

You can find Olivado Avocado Oil at Target, Whole Foods, Fresh Market or from the company’s website: