You’ve probably heard that “juicing” is one of the best things you can do for your health.

In just a few minutes, you can easily consume multiple servings of colorful vegetables and fruit, including a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting phytonutrients – all in one convenient glass.

And because freshly extracted juice requires very little digestion, you get a rapid infusion of nutrients delivered at the cellular level to promote detoxification and provide antioxidant protection – benefiting your brain and internal organs, as well as your skin and joints.

If you’re not particularly fond of veggies or if you simply have a hard time consuming enough servings each day, juicing can be an easy way to hit your daily target.

But there are quite a number of drawbacks to most juicers on the market. They often take up too much counter space. So we store them out of the way and don’t use them enough. And to make matters worse, they have multiple parts must be cleaned after each use, making the entire process a cumbersome and time-consuming chore.

And that’s not all…

Most juicers waste money and valuable nutrition, because they only extract the liquids from the fruits and vegetables you put in – while most of the beneficial fiber gets tossed in the trash!

Are You Throwing Away this Vital Detoxifier and Weight Loss Aid?

You probably already know that fiber is good for you. In fact, studies show that people who eat the most fiber have better digestive health and stronger immunity. That’s because fiber feeds the important bacteria in your gut that comprise 70% of your immune system.

It also acts as “Mother Nature’s broom”, sweeping food through the intestines, while binding to harmful toxins and escorting them out of the body.

Fiber also plays a vital role in weight control and blood sugar balance by slowing the absorption of sugar, reducing the glycemic impact of the foods and promoting a feeling of fullness. It’s no wonder research shows that those who eat the most fiber have the healthiest body weight – not to mention a lower risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes!

That’s why it makes no sense to use a juicer that extracts the juice, while discarding the fiber.

Is Your Juice a SUGAR Bomb?

beet juice

Did you know that 1 beet + 1 apple + 3 carrots = 41 grams of SUGAR!

Worse yet, if you use fruits and root vegetables (like carrots and beets), your “healthy” juice can contain up to 50 grams of sugar (more than a can of Coca-Cola) – with very little fiber to blunt the insulin-spiking effects.

But what if there was a way to easily and conveniently get all the powerful nutritional benefits of juicing (including the fiber) from a device that takes up as much counter space as a paperback book and practically cleans itself?

And that’s not all…

The “Whole Food” Juicer that Delivers Powerful Nutrition… at the Cellular Level!

The “juicer” I’m talking about is called a Vitamix.

It is simply the fastest, best and most convenient way to enjoy both the juice and the fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables. And it’s a snap to use.

There’s no need to chop your foods beforehand. And you don’t have to stand there and slowly feed in bits and pieces, as you do with other juicers. Simply toss whole fresh foods into the Vitamix container, turn it on, and enjoy fresh, nutrient-rich juice… loaded with fiber and vital phytochemicals.

And because the Vitamix literally pulverizes fruits and veggies down to the cellular level, it makes all of those valuable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients readily digestible and more bioavailable – while creating deliciously smooth and creamy juice blends.

Surprise… The Vitamix is Not Just for Juicing!

With the Vitamix, your culinary possibilities are practically endless.

You can easily and quickly make everything from hummus and ice cream… to nut butters and soups… raw puddings and salsas… fresh sauces and salad dressings… baby foods… dairy free milks… frozen whole food daiquiris… healthy mayonnaise… and MUCH more

With the Vitamix you can:

  • Sneak servings of veggies into delicious shakes and smoothies (great for picky kids and adults too!)
  • Make rich, delicious puddings and creamy treats from avocados, raw cocoa powder and other healthy, nutrient-rich raw foods
  • Whip up fresh, nutritious hummus in just 5 minutes…for as little as $0.50 for an entire container
  • Get five servings of fruits and veggies in one glass – plus all the fiber you need in a day
  • Make your own nutritious nut flours and nut butters (a BIG money saver!)
  • Make fresh nut milks – like almond and coconut milk – that taste great, have no additives and cost much less than packaged products from the store
  • Whip up fresh mayonnaise in just 10 minutes using healthy olive oil or coconut oil – while avoiding unhealthy commercial blends and saving money too!
  • Make frozen margaritas with whole citrus fruit that taste better than what you’d get at a restaurant (with NO added sugars or harmful preservatives!)

As you know, the primary goal of Healing Gourmet is to provide you with knowledge and information that help to promote health and protect against disease. It’s also our goal to help you save money and make your time in the kitchen easier, faster and more convenient.

We also only recommend products and ideas that we have tested extensively and use ourselves. And the Vitamix is quite simply the best tool we have ever used for…

Improving Your Health While Saving Time & Money!

Without reservation, I can say that the Vitamix is the best kitchen tool I’ve ever purchased. It’s not cheap. After all, it’s one of the most powerful and highest quality blender / juicers on the market. And it’s built to last for more than a decade of daily use.

But it is also a tool which has paid for itself several times over in grocery store savings, not to mention the priceless health benefits we have enjoyed by using this product almost daily for the last two years.

In addition to making delicious green drinks and protein smoothies, we no longer buy expensive organic mayonnaise, nut butters, hummus, or almond milk. With just a few simple ingredients and a few minutes of prep time, I can make all of these healthy staples at home.

And with a new baby on the way, I’ll soon be making organic, nutrient-dense baby foods that he will be sure to love and I’ll be comfortable feeding him (because I know exactly what goes in).

The Vitamix sits in a small footprint on the counter, so it’s always ready to use. And best of all, clean up is a breeze. Simply fill the container with water, add a few drops of soap and give it a whirl. Rinse and you’re done!

Along with the 300+ recipes you’ll get when you buy your Vitamix (Use this link for Free Shipping), you’ll also find hundreds of Vitamix recipes on the Healing Gourmet website (with complete nutrition information), including Raw Tomato Soup… Garlicky Hummus… Coconut Oil Mayonnaise…and Chocolate Pudding. Not to mention, dozens of delicious smoothies and protein shakes suitable for every diet – from dairy free to low carb.

I urge you to give your health a jump start with the Vitamix. You’ll enjoy better nutrition, while spending less money at the store and less time in the kitchen!

Quick & Delicious Vitamix Recipes

Need more ideas to create delicious treats? Here are a few of my favorites: