Enjoying a meal of Pan Roasted Wild Salmon with Grape Tomatoes and Wilted Spinach will likely bring a smile to your face. And new research shows it may keep something off your face, as well.


Salmon – along with other fatty fish – is rich in the most potent and assimilable form of essential omega 3 fats – DHA and EPA.

Healthy Fats: A Food That Fights Wrinkles

Not only are these fatty acids responsible for the structure of healthy cell membranes, but they also act as the conduit for which nutrients can get into cells… and waste can get out.

But that’s only the beginning of how these healthy fats keep your skin glowing and youthful.

Healthy cell membranes also act like micro-sponges – holding water inside the cell to make for a plumper, firmer, younger appearance. And the stronger those cell membranes are, the better they hold moisture… and the more youthful you look.

Essential fatty acids are also powerful anti-inflammatory agents. And when it comes to your skin, inflammation caused by a diet low in omega-3’s (plus high in omega-6s and refined carbs) weakens the delicate cross-hatching of collagen that creates a smooth, supple appearance.

Last, but not least, omega-3s help guard against DNA-induced sun damage. In fact, in a recent skin cancer study, people eating diets rich in fish oils and other omega 3 fats had a 29% reduced risk of squamous cell cancer than those who got very little.

A Healthy Diet Rich in Omega 3 fats for Youthful Skin

When it comes to omega-3’s, the rule is eat more, wrinkle less. Opt for wild salmon, mackerel, sardines, Alaskan halibut and a good fish oil supplement (like Carlson’s) for your daily dose of this natural beauty-enhancer.