Best Brand: Inner-Eco Probiotics

In a recent Healing Gourmet post (Could Antibiotics Make You Fat?), you learned about the big impact that your gut flora has on your health (including your risk of obesity). You see, these “good bugs” perform hundreds of vital functions in your body. They: Synthesize vitamins (including the all-important B vitamins) Disarm carcinogens Train your immune system Regulate your … [Read more...]

Eden Foods: BPA Free Canned Foods

If you're looking for bpa free foods, you already know that almost ALL canned foods (including healthy organic ones) are packaged in containers contaminated with BPA. And that's really bad news for your health. BPA is an industrial chemical and potent endocrine disruptor found in plastics, as well as metal can and bag liners. It has been linked with breast and prostate cancer, insulin … [Read more...]

Best Brand: Woodstock Farms Shiitake Mushrooms

If you’re a mushroom lover, you’ve probably had the unpleasant experience of buying fresh mushrooms and not getting around to using them in time. Within just a few days, these nutritious little meaty morsels transform - going from plump and supple to slimy and spotted. And into the disposal they go. While dried mushrooms are certainly a great alternative to fresh, they take some extra … [Read more...]

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