The next time you see oil smoking in the frying pan, take notice and start over.

Heating oils beyond their flash point – the point at which they oxidize and begin to smoke – gives rise to unpleasant flavors (and smells). More important, cooking oils at their smoke points creates lipid oxidation products (LOPs) – dangerous byproducts that cause free radical damage to cells.

To eliminate these cellular villains, always use cooking oils below their smoke points  – in their safe temperature range.

Healthy Cooking Oils Smoke Points

Here are the healthy heat-stable oils to have on hand, their flash point and brands to try:

Be sure to use nutriment oils – like borage, primrose, hemp seed and flax – cold. Drizzle them over fresh organic salads and roasted veggies to add rich, complex flavor and a healthy source of fat.

And remember, when in doubt… drizzle.