7 Superfoods That Reduce Blood Sugar

Did you know that you can reduce the glycemic impact a food has on your body by eating “complementary” foods? It’s true! In fact, some foods can reduce blood sugar by as much as 50%! Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes with Seven Superfoods Here are a few tips to reduce the glycemic index of higher carb foods. Remember, eat higher glycemic foods infrequently, and when you do, watch your portion … [Read more...]

Reduce Inflammation with a Low Glycemic Diet

Need another reason to choose low glycemic foods? How about to reduce inflammation - a cornerstone of chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Reduce Inflammation Enjoying Delicious, Healthy Foods The Nurses' Health Study evaluated the diets of 732 healthy women using a food frequency questionnaire. The study compared women consuming a “Prudent” pattern diet- higher intakes … [Read more...]

The Link Between High Blood Sugar and Colon Cancer

Do you have high blood sugar? If so, you're increasing your risk for a number of chronic diseases - including colon cancer. High Blood Sugar and Colon Cancer: Elevated Insulin and C-Peptide Increase Cancer Risk A recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that men with pre-diabetes are more likely to develop colon cancer. Researchers tested blood samples from … [Read more...]

How Low Glycemic Foods Guard Against Diabetes

Need a good reason to adopt a low glycemic diet? How about preventing and reversing diabetes. After a high-glycemic load meal, blood sugar spikes and the body must produce enough insulin to effectively shuttle blood sugar into cells. This high demand for insulin is taxing to the beta cells of the pancreas, which can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. In fact, The Nurses' Health Study … [Read more...]

Hormones and Cancer (Get in Balance to Reduce Your Risk)

What if you could send a list of requests to your body to keep it healthy? Your list might read : Keep Blood Sugar Stable, Maintain Memory, and Keep Cells Cancer-Free. The truth is, you can (and do) send these requests to your body... with every bite you take. Hormones and Cancer: How Your Diet Affects Your Endocrine System You see, when it comes to cancer, the most established risk factors … [Read more...]

Dates for Diabetes… Has the Sugar Gone to their Brain?

As the CEO of Healing Gourmet, I subscribe to dozens of medical journals, natural health reports and online newsletters. It is a full time job just to stay ahead of the latest advances in nutritional science. And we take our responsibility to you very seriously as we report on the tremendous power of foods and nutrients to promote health and protect against disease. After all, when you … [Read more...]

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