Through the years, Healing Gourmet has heard from hundreds of customers who have changed their life and their health through diet. From losing weight and improving diabetes… to overcoming food allergies and intolerances…and even recovering from life-threatening illness, these people have changed their fate with the power of the plate. We’ve also heard from medical professionals who are using nutrition to heal.

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Professional Testimonials


“Your Insightful, Joyful and Dedicated Spreading of the Real Food Nutrition Message is Tastefully Refreshing!”

My name is Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD. Between 1969-1991, I spent vacations from my private dental practice, in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers. On my honeymoon in 1971, in the far-away highlands of Mazatlan, my bride and I offered needed medical and dental assistance.

As the services to Mexico’s beautiful people grew, and I started to pass several Latin American countries’ national boards in General Surgery and Neurosurgery, the whole thing grew into a non-profit U.S. Foundation in 2004.

The Foundation has a research department for compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. There are now, 470 doctors, many scientists and countless, dedicated volunteers who give their time to 150,000 natives.

They are fully involved in helping the natives, south of the borders, live from birth to death in great health, maintained by lifestyles aided by diversified seeds on proper soils and proper animal husbandry.

Our goal is for them to nurture and maintain health with gourmet-style, modified nutrition, and balanced relationships with themselves, others and Mother Nature. “Our people” are very healthy and virtually disease free, even in the dangerous settings of deserts, jungles and along the oceans east and west. They live long and productive lives because they practice sound lifestyles, with a variety of deliciously prepared foods…freshly picked from their fertile lands.

We can appreciate that now more clearly, as it was recently that a volunteer acquired the Healing Gourmet book series. Others and I then began to realize with gratitude that someone (Kelley Herring) was confirming for us that we were on the right track.

Her insightful, joyful, and health promoting cuisine creations, as well as the dedicated spreading of the real food nutrition messages in her books, are tastefully refreshing.

Since the acquisition of the book series, culturally sensitive volunteers have begun new instructional classes with recipe-modified food choices, based on locally available resources. Young and senior villagers are truly enjoying the seeds of creativity and taste, born from ideas in the Healing Gourmet series, AND of course always with their health in mind.

Who said being and practicing health cannot also involve pleasing the palate?

It is comforting to know that those who are able to open their minds to how real food can be incredibly tasty and can keep us healthy and sane, have a treasure chest full of loving creativity available in the educational program you have created!

Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD

“You Have Conquered the Monumental…”

Your Delicious Solutions program is something I can recommend to my clients. As a chef and nutrition geek, I know what I need to eat each day. But to tell others feels like a monumental task. It looks like you have conquered the monumental!


“Your Books are the Best I Have Seen to Date…”

As a wellness doctor and student of natural medicine, I believe that your books are the best, most informative, most physiologically correct I’ve seen to date.

Jim Hovey

“I Learn A Lot From Your Articles…”

Thanks for keeping us informed via the various mailings I get with your great articles. I learn a lot from them.

Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD, ND, PhD.

“I Would Like to Provide Your Information to My Patients…”

As a prevention-minded family doctor, I have been recommending similar concepts to my patients and in my public lectures for 15 years or more. I am impressed with the total package you have put together. It is a comprehensive curriculum and reference library.

It would be a great benefit to my practice if I could provide Healing Gourmet publications to my patients. If more physicians of like mind would make your materials available, it could have a profound effect!

Ken Hurst, MD, FAAFP

“I Admire Your Work…”

As a doctor who practices alternative medicine, I would just like to say how much I admire your work.

Dr. Loretto Maxwell

“Keep the Truth Coming…”

We are owners of a health-restoration center that specializes in nutrition. Your publications are totally in line with our beliefs and we often make copies of your work available to our patients. Thank you and please keep the truth coming!

Noel and Sonja Mountain

“A Big Congratulations!”

Wow! I am jealous. What a masterful job you have done to put together a subject so diverse as nutrition and make it simple and informative. I will be sharing your information with my patients, as well as bettering myself.

Robert C. Kenny D.C., F.A.S.B.E.

Praise from a Healing Chef…

Your information is wonderful. I have purchased it so that I can use it in my work and offer it to my clients. Thanks for all your great work helping us to take better care of ourselves, each other and our shared planetary home.

Dennis Gale Malone, Executive Chef

“A Great Arsenal of Nutrition…”

Although I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant for 20 years in mainstream medicine, my heart and mind have always been immersed in natural (much more effective) modes of healing.

They often mock me at work. But guess who will be alive to talk about it in 40 or 50 years (I am currently 55)? Your website is a great arsenal of nutrition for me to draw from.

George Vetnar, Prescott Valley, AZ

“Amazing Research…”

You do an amazing job on your research. We need more like you out there. Keep up the great work!!!

Patricia L. Long, CEO
Integrated Cures International

Recipes and Foods

“I am Blessed to Have Found You…”

I have learned so much from your e-books. And I love the food encyclopedias on your website. What a wonderful source of education! I am blessed to have found you and your work. Thanks!

Lynn Gorfine

“I Am so Interested in Your Healthy Recipes…”

I am so interested in your series of healthy recipes and suggestions. Thank you so much for your endless research and compilations. And so unselfish of you to share it with all of us!

Gail Sommer

“You Have Gone to Great Lengths to Match Healing Foods with Specific Illnesses…”

I already have diabetes and God knows what else. I really want to change my life. I am so tired of feeling bad. And I am even more tired of purchasing things that either don’t work or are too bland or nasty to continue.

The information on your site is so well documented. The recipes are delicious. And I am so pleased that you have gone to such great lengths to match healing foods with specific illnesses.

You have helped so many people already. Thank you for helping me!


“Delicious, Gourmet, Healthy Recipes…”

This is my lucky day! I’m looking forward to being able to prepare all of these wonderful dishes with your healthy but tasty suggestions. Thank you for such delicious, gourmet, healthy recipes which will surely delight my family and keep all of us in great shape.


“What a Great Source of Recipes!”

Your site is absolutely excellent! I’ve become very conscious of healthy eating as a pre-requisite to staying healthy and vital. Your site meets every standard of expertise and quality advice. And what a great source of recipes!

Thank you for providing such a great service to an unhealthy, misinformed world!

Harjeet Virdee

“It’s amazing how simple it is to live healthy… I love that your recipes are so tasty and not complicated or expensive!”

My family has a history of high cholesterol levels and since my LDL was not coming down satisfactorily, my doctor put me on a statin drug. In the meantime, I had a hysterectomy, which added to my weight gain.

I wasn’t happy to be taking the drugs. And besides that, my husband and I wanted to lose a few kilograms. I also had problems with low blood sugar. So, I began looking for natural ways to stay healthy, lose weight and get off the cholesterol medication.

I found the help we needed by making a few changes to our diet. Because we have always eaten quite healthfully, I didn’t realize that we were doing anything wrong. But by changing just a few things here and there and making correct choices, the kilograms fell off, low blood sugar is no longer a problem, and my cholesterol level is excellent. Best of all, we have so much more energy!

It is amazing how simple it is to live healthy, lose weight and never go hungry when you are given the tools and a bit of knowledge. I love that your recipes are simple and tasty, and not complicated or expensive!

Noaleun Tearnan

Best Brands – Healthy Packaged Foods

“It Has Been Such a Rewarding Year!”

Thank you ever so much for all of the wonderful health tips and references I have received from you this past year. It has been tremendous!

I refer to my copy of Your Plate, Your Fate all of the time. We also made your orange almond cookies recipe the other day. Everybody loved them!

I also wanted to thank you for your recommendation to Jesse Cannone’s Lose the Back Pain program. I have taken care of hip, groin and leg problems that no one else has been able to help me with. I’m also using coconut products from Tropical Traditions. And now I’m beginning Dr. Al Sears’ PACE Program. Thank you so much for opening the door to all of these wonderful products and ideas!

It has been such a rewarding year. I feel truly blessed and enriched.

Karen McCoy

“I Was So Amazed…”

I just checked out your website and WOW!! When I clicked on “Best Brands” I was so amazed and grateful to see that the work is already done for me! I am so impressed!

Lawrence Wong

Weight Loss

“I’ve Lost 100 Pounds… Just a Few More To Go!”

Since being diagnosed with diabetes years ago, I have lost 100 pounds (45 pounds in just the last year). But I want to lose another 15 pounds and get off insulin injections. I am really excited about Your Plate, Your Fate and I’m confident that this is just the information I need!

Linda Luit

“I Have Lost 35 Pounds and I am Feeding My Family Better…”

Thank you, Kelley, for taking the time to research and write Your Plate, Your Fate.  It is concise and eye opening!

Until November of 1999, I was a normal healthy person (although overweight). Then one day I ended up in the hospital with a clogged artery and was told that I was Type-2 diabetic.

Since then, I have been on a roller coaster ride with conventional doctor’s and medications. At one point I was put on insulin.  After three years on insulin and nine years as a diagnosed diabetic, I was so angry and frustrated that I stopped taking everything!

I knew that God has given us everything we need for survival, so I decided to do it naturally. My quest for information led me to your books. I was mesmerized and overwhelmed by what I read. Each new page brought new insight as to why I ended up in this condition.

Frankly I am appalled at our country’s state of food production. I grew up in the industrial revolution and as canned goods and processed foods hit the shelves, I just followed suit. I had no clue that these things were filled with preservatives and chemicals that were bad for our bodies and long term health.

I followed your Kitchen Cleanse carefully and I am making a great effort to change the way I prepare and eat food.  I have made great strides, but still have a long way to go. 58 years of bad habits don’t change overnight.

This summer we enlisted with a local farmer to bring us fresh, organic fruits and vegetables each week. And last week I was able to purchase my first piece of Cuisinart Green Gourmet cookware!

Thanks to Your Plate, Your Fate, I have the information to make better choices. I have lost 35 pounds, and I am feeding my family better. The changes are coming… one at a time.

Thank you,

Judith Dunham

“Today I Weigh at least 70 Pounds Lighter and I don’t Struggle with Willpower like in the Old Days…”

I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life. I would lose 50 pounds and then gain it all back in a couple years. In my desperate quest to reach my ideal weight, I ruined my health in the mid-80s for more than five years.

I developed severe MS-like symptoms, as a result of eliminating almost all fat
from my diet. I now know that we need healthy fats in our diet!

I have finally found the secret to losing excess weight and keeping it off in a way that also promotes vibrant health and fitness.

Last fall, I was worn out and stressed mentally, emotionally, and physically from dealing with the care and death of several family members. I was coping with the stress by eating chocolate and other high sugar foods.

I weighed over 200 pounds (way too much for my height). I don’t know the exact weight, because I couldn’t stand to get on the scales or have my picture taken. Having a family history of heart disease and hating the way I looked, I knew I had to start taking care of my health.

I started by eliminating sugar and processed foods from my diet and introducing more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. I really enjoy experimenting with raw recipes, sprouting, juicing, blending with a VitaMix and making dehydrated foods.

Today I weigh 130 (at least 70 pounds lighter) and I don’t struggle with willpower like in the old days. I enjoy my food and never feel deprived. I’ve been so excited about the raw diet and the resulting physical and mental changes that I became a Certified Raw Nutritionist, Certified Raw Lifestyle Coach and a Certified Raw Personal Fitness Trainer. I hope my story is an inspiration for anyone who has struggled with the low self-esteem and health problems that go with being overweight.

Peggy Carey

“I Have Lost 35 Pounds and my Blood Pressure is Normal!”

At the age of 66, I am an insulin-dependent type-2 diabetic with a lifetime of allergy issues. I have been on Benadryl or similar products for nearly 60 years. However, several months ago a dose of children’s Benadryl nearly closed my throat. After barely getting through that night, I knew it was time to make some serious changes!

I am morbidly obese, losing my vision and all the miserable things that go along with aging and the STOP THE SYMPTOM, FORGET THE CAUSE approach to health care. No more!

I sought out Bastyr Natural Health Clinic to determine the changes I needed to make and the natural medicines that could address my various conditions. I am on an anti-inflammatory diet and have had no dairy or wheat for about two months. I have already lost some 35 pounds! I am addressing my histamine issue with amylase (which is working) and using Nettle two times a day for hypertension.

Previously, the allopathic docs kept tossing more and more drugs at me. Not only did I get every side effect, the meds didn’t work. My blood pressure stayed at 200/100. When I make a tea with the nettle, however, my blood pressure falls to 130-110/55-75.

As the owner of a catering company in San Diego in the 80’s, I have quite a bit of knowledge about food and cooking. My goal now is to eat well, but in a totally different manner. The important news is that my healthy is quickly improving and my story has just begun!

Judy Kreloff

“I Have Lost 78 Pounds!”

Over the past year, I have done a complete turnaround in my diet! I stopped eating most packaged foods and added many more whole, natural, fresh foods to my diet. I have also given up sugar and other artificial sweeteners and made the switch to stevia.

One big change is that my trips to the grocery store are amazingly quick! No trips up and down all the aisles, just a quick trip around the outside and on to the checkout counter. That is a great thing for a busy business woman!

But the best part is that I have lost 78 pounds! The comments and praise I get from people feels great. But I’m still a “work in progress” struggling with the last 25-30 pounds.

I continue to look for resources that would help me with shopping and cooking decisions and recommend specific brands and recipes that will help me continue the lifestyle changes I have already made. That is why I am SO excited about your Delicious Solutions program!

Datha J (Janie) Morgan
Allied Mobile Health Training, Inc.

“I am so Grateful to Healing Gourmet… So Far, I have Lost about 50 Pounds!”

I grew up on foods raised in our family garden and meat we raised ourselves. But in my adult years, I got away from this way of eating as a result of urban living. I gained a considerable amount of weight and developed high blood pressure. I was on medication for the hypertension, but stopped due to the side effects.

I wanted to find a natural way to lose weight and lower my blood pressure. So about three years ago I eliminated all forms of sugar, wheat and soy from my diet. I also buy more fresh organic foods and even have my own garden now.

I am so grateful for the information and healthy recipes provided by Healing Gourmet. You have been very helpful for me in making healthy choices.

So far, I have lost about 50 pounds! My blood pressure is under control, my joints don’t ache as much, I have more energy, and I can tolerate hot weather with less discomfort. Eating healthfully requires a bit more time and effort, but I won’t go back!
Also, your Chocolate Bliss Cake is truly blissful. It is great to eat something so healthy and yet so delicious.

Deborah Portukalian

“It Worked So Well, Friends and Co-Workers Noticed Right Away…”

I was always slim and trim, until I had to take a prescription drug. Over the next three years, my weight slowly increased until I was several sizes larger. I was newly married, still in college and on a tight budget, so my clothes came from the discount stores. I had to keep buying larger & larger sizes – I thought it was because the cheap clothes were shrinking in the dryer.

Finally, one day I decided to get in shape. I started exercising, and went on a low-carb diet. It worked so well, friends and co-workers noticed right away. I began helping them with diet and work-out plans, and now I am constantly creating new recipes.  It feels great to have a delicious and satisfying diet, and be able to stay in shape at the same time.

Kay Collins

“I Feel Great Now… and a Side Benefit is that I HAVE LOST 50 POUNDS!!!”

I am a 35 year old woman who owns and operates my own bakery. About a year ago I began to feel very tired and nauseated most of the time. After visiting the doctor and having ultrasounds, I had no answer and I still felt miserable!

I began to evaluate what I was feeding my body. It was mostly sugar. So I started concentrating on a low glycemic diet, getting more fiber and paying attention to nutrition. I soon had so much energy and the constant nausea left!

I feel great now, and a side benefit is that I HAVE LOST 50 POUNDS!!!

Thank you JESUS!!

I have been searching for information about how to change my bakery to a more nutritional place and that’s how I found your website. Keep up the great work!

Angela Johnson

“I Feel So Much Better… I am So Happy with the Changes in How I Look!”

My husband and I have lived very active lives. In fact, we cycled around South Africa three times for various charities. However, I found that I was putting on far too much weight in recent years and feeling uncomfortable.

We live on a farm out of town, so regular visits to a gym are difficult. I do exercise at home and take the dogs for a walk in the afternoons, but I was still gaining weight. So I decided to take a careful look at my eating habits.

The primary changes I made were to cut out the cake and biscuits at tea time and reduce the number of desserts I was eating. I became much more conscious of what I put into my mouth. I don’t consume fizzy drinks, so that was not a problem.

It was a fairly slow process, but I was consistently losing just over a pound a week. When I had disposed of 22 pounds of excess baggage, I seemed to have reached my optimal weight.

I am more energetic and much more comfortable in my clothes. I feel so much better and I am so happy with the changes in how I look!

Ann de Ruig

“I’ve Already Released 20 Pounds Of Fat… And I’m Just Getting Started!”

Although I have had a few thyroid problems, I am basically in very good health. Because of the thyroid problems I gained a lot of weight. Through adding iodine supplements, changing the way I exercise and eating more healthy foods, I’ve already released 20 pounds of fat. And I’m just getting started!

What I like the most about the Your Plate, Your Fate book series, is that all of the information that I need is together in one place and it is easy to find. Although I knew a lot of the information already, Kelley was the first person who explained the chemical structure of the various fats, which I found to be very interesting. Many people also talk about the “Glycemic load” but this was the first time I saw it in chart form. The explanation of antioxidants was also superb as was the list of additives & preservatives.

I also really like the Healing Gourmet website and have found many delicious recipes there.

Stephanie Rieffanaugh

“Boy, Oh Boy, Have I Benefitted from Your Guidance!”

Here’s “My Story”

My name is Dianne Charlton and I live in Half Moon Bay, CA. I just turned 62. I’ve battled weight problems most of my life, but especially since my son came along when I was 40. My former hour-glass figure morphed into a very portly profile.

I didn’t pay much attention to just how heavy I had become, because I was so wrapped up my lifestyle of proud wife-mother-commuter-housekeeper and life manager for three, laundress-party planner-short order cook-shuttle driver-cheerleader-counselor-nurse-task master with an “I can do anything but there’s never enough time” outlook.

They called it the “Superwoman Syndrome” in the 80s and 90s. Well, I hung up my cape when my son went off to college. The plot thickens. I’ve been unemployed for over a year and a half. I haven’t been able to find a job. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since December 2009 and was diagnosed with ADHD in March 2010.  The result is a daily cocktail of meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, hormones, two antidepressants, two pills for anxiety and one for ADHD. And don’t forget the Aleve for the constant headaches.

I feel so lost and out of control of my life.  It’s a lot to manage.  I have been reading everything and feel it’s time for action. I have been struggling with all the puzzle pieces.

I’ve managed to drop 41 pounds from 236 pounds. But I have been stuck at the same weight for three months. My cholesterol and blood pressure have gone down and my confidence is coming back. I want to have a defined waist (curves) and would like to see the medications go. I’m exhausted but excited at the prospect of help from you and Healing Gourmet.

Dianne Charlton

“Needless to Say, Our Doctor is Pleased… So Many Benefits!”

I am on a journey of health and discovery and it is exciting, invigorating and eye-opening! It all started with a challenge from my daughter to join her in the “Daniel Fast” during Lent. The Daniel Fast is based on the Bible Book of Daniel:

“Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.”
I was surprised to find that my “meat and potatoes” husband was onboard as well. My husband had been borderline diabetic, with high blood pressure. I have failed at several dieting attempts and for two years have been vitamin D deficient.

The Daniel Fast was the beginning of so many discoveries! For starters, we truly began to discover the fabulous TASTE and varieties of real food. We also experimented with foods from other cultures and were constantly amazed by the deprivation of nutrition in the American diet.

Since then, we have reintroduced organic chicken, grass-fed meat and more fish into our diet. We planted a vegetable garden and enjoy the harvest of our labor daily. In fact, it was my search for new vegetable recipes that led me to Healing Gourmet!

“Learning and growing” has been always been a motto in our home. That is why I am so thankful for Healing Gourmet and other resources like it. At 52 years of age, I continue to learn and grow and guide my family to better health!

I have lost 15 pounds and my husband has lost 18. Needless to say, our doctor is very pleased! We are both feeling much better, have more energy and our skin looks great. So many benefits!
Thank you for allowing me to share our story…we cannot believe it is OUR story!

With sincere thanks and appreciation for your publications,

Cynthia McKallagat

Health Concerns Alleviated

“I Woke Up to the Reality that I Was Abusing My Body… at Age 68 Today, I Am Cancer Free and I Feel Like 27…”

Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD was born in 1942 in Indonesia and lived in a jungle setting until 1947. He emigrated to the USA in 1962. In 1971 he graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, Dental School, as a Dentist and in 1974 from the US Navy Post Graduate School in Oral Surgery and Medical Anesthesiology. He was in private dental practice until 1991. Between 1969-1991, he spent vacations in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers.

He has undertaken three PhDs in subjects related to nutritional-cultural-sociology, from Latin America and in 2002 organized the Foundation for the Development of Healthy Teeth in a Healthy Body, Mexico. The Foundation has a research department for compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. To date, 470 Latin American doctors and thousands of volunteers give their time to 150,000 natives.

This is My and Their Story

It was 1942, just before the Japanese invasion of Indonesia (they were looking to drill for  oil, and “slaves” to get it from inland Burma to the Strait of Malacca and past Singapore!), when I was born on the island of Java.

My step-father was enslaved into working on the railroad leading to the Bridge on the river Kwai, in Thailand. He was able to escape and survive the horrors of that time.

Until 1945 my mom, many other Dutch and British nationals and I existed in squalor in Japanese prison camps. That was clearly not a good three years to grow up as a baby. With my mother’s enormous tenacity, I survived, though I did have malaria, dysentery and other tropical diseases.

The many, many camp ladies became very creative in supplementing the camp’s meager rations with proteins from crawling and other low-to-the-ground creatures.

Returning to Holland in late 1945, and in real bad physical condition, I spent a few weeks in a Swiss sanitarium. There my body experienced for the first time what health-restoring and health-promoting foods were.

From these people my mom learned to became a dedicated Dutch healing gourmet.

This sped up my recovery. Pictures I have from around that time of her and me show how good we looked.

I remember well from the 1950’s, how daily, a local farmer sold his own, very local, fresh vegetable crops and fruits in season, from a horse and cart he rode through our little village in central Holland.

Just like our local doctor then, who was making house calls, he was making “real food calls”. Truly, good memories were made during those years.

My mother did such loving, healing wonders with the food variety he had grown with obvious loving care, on soil that was naturally fertilized by pigs and cows.  Agriculture was a happy art then. The produce was beautiful, and as I now understand it must have been very nutritious.

I loved the farmer’s horse. She gave me plenty of manure for a small garden I had started. I remember well how every day I faithfully scooped up her droppings from our street. Gardening was my passion between ages 8 and 17.

Instinctively it felt good to eat my own freshly grown or daily delivered produce.

Even today, I go out of my way to collect cow, horse and chicken manure for the many gardens I am now responsible for.

I immigrated to the USA in 1960.  In 1971 I graduated from the UC San Francisco Medical Campus as a dentist. Those college and university years were bad with respect to nutritional sanity. In fact they were so bad, that in retrospect and having studied my blood work-ups from those years, I had the beginnings of cancer growing at age 27.

It was not actually diagnosed until I was 36, when I was given 18 months to live, OR do something about it seriously. I had a growing family of 2 young boys from a dedicated, and loving wife and friend. A young, growing dental practice had become my dream come true.

I woke up to the reality that I had been abusing my body by simply being ignorant of how my body should have been treated. I was not in any way into “funny stuff.” It was pure neglect, even when foods were not as adulterated as they are now.

It was 1978 when I, with the excellent, patient and compassionate “bed-side manners” of the late and great doctors Donald Kelley and Virginia Livingston, was re-introduced to my good nutritional roots from the 1950’s. With Dr. Kelley I spent two weeks learning all about my body’s individual needs.

At age 68 today, I am cancer free and I feel like 27.

Along the way, since 1969 in dental school, on my vacations I began to help Mexican natives who lived in the Tijuana River canyons and slums. On my honeymoon in 1971, in the far-away highlands of Mazatlan, my bride and I offered needed medical and dental assistance.

My classmates helped with the project in Tijuana during semester breaks. My health was not great then, as viewed in retrospect, but a busy, carefree college life ignored the growing disharmony in me.

After 1971, as the services to Mexico’s beautiful people grew, and I started to pass several Latin American countries’ national boards in General Surgery and Neurosurgery, the whole thing grew into a non-profit U.S. Foundation in 2004.

Since the birth of the idea of service in 1969, there are now 470 doctors, many scientists and countless, dedicated volunteers.  They are fully involved in helping the natives, south of the borders, live from birth to death in great health, maintained by lifestyles aided by diversified seeds on proper soils and proper animal husbandry.

Our goal is for them to nurture and maintain health with gourmet-style, modified nutrition, and balanced relationships with themselves, others and Mother Nature.

“Our people” are very healthy and virtually disease free, even in the dangerous settings of deserts, jungles and along the oceans east and west. They live long and productive lives because they practice sound lifestyles, with a variety of deliciously prepared foods…freshly picked from their fertile lands.

We can appreciate that now more clearly, as it was recently that a volunteer acquired the Healing Gourmet book series. Others and I then began to realize with gratitude that someone (Kelley Herring) was confirming for us that we were on the right track.

Her insightful, joyful, and health promoting cuisine creations, as well as the dedicated spreading to the western civilizations of the real food nutrition messages in her books, are tastefully refreshing.

Since the acquisition of the book series, culturally sensitive volunteers have begun new instructional classes with recipe-modified food choices, based on locally available resources. Young and senior villagers are truly enjoying the seeds of creativity and taste, born from ideas in the Healing Gourmet series, AND of course always with their health in mind.

Who said being and practicing health cannot also involve pleasing the palate?

It is comforting to know that those who are able to open their minds to how real food can be made tasty, and can keep us healthy and sane, have a treasure chest full of loving creativity available.

My late mother (94) would have been very pleased with these books.

So, I dedicate My Story to all those so far who made my story possible, and helped me to help others live their story well, and they in turn help even more people who are hungry for health that is created by real foods made tasty!

To YOUR optimum health my friends.
Dr. Pieter Dahler

“I’m Finally Doing it, Thanks to You! I no Longer have Lupus or Fibromyalgia!”

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia and treated with non-steroidal drugs, steroids and antidepressants. Once I started taking these medications, my weight went from 130 lbs to 177 lbs in about a year. I have suffered from these weight problems for years now. Even after I stopped taking the drugs, it seemed impossible that I could lose the weight.

Well, I am finally doing it, thanks to you! I have almost eliminated the sugar in my diet, and have changed my eating habits without feeling uncomfortable or hungry. I eat less and feel better than ever.

Oh, and by the way, I no longer have Lupus or Fibromyalgia (my ANA test was negative). Since I started changing my diet, my symptoms have vanished. And the most important part… I’ve lost 14 pounds and still losing!

Dee Collier

“No More Painful Legs… I Can Sleep Peacefully Again!”

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you.

I am 53 years old and have suffered with “thrush” from the time I was about 21 years old. The creams and oral medicines given to me by doctors only offered temporary relief. Then, at age 45 I developed a problem with hot and painful legs. I can’t count the number of nights I lost sleep as a result.

When I began to read your emails, I decided to cut down on sugar and increase my intake of water, home-grown vegetables and fruit. What a surprise! For the past year, the thrush does not attack me anymore. And I have had no more painful legs.

I can sleep peacefully again! Thank you for the great work you do!

Olive Kalonga

“I’m so Glad I Discovered this Enjoyable Lifestyle!”

My health has always been excellent even though I did the bare minimum to support that blessing. I ate whatever was quick and easy and exercise was pretty much unheard of.  I was a busy mom with a career. I thought that I didn’t have time to prepare healthy meals… and figured it was too expensive anyway.

Then in my late 30s, I began having joint pain and swelling in my knees. I started taking an antidepressant to mask my feelings. I also took allergy shots twice daily to “cure” my alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation. I suffered heartburn constantly and became less energetic with every passing day.
Finally, last year, I spent the night in the emergency room because of chest pains. It turned out that this frightening experience was esophageal spasms caused by too much pain medication for my aching knees. ENOUGH!!

I’ve only been eating well for a couple of months. I never thought I could really do it. But the longer I go without junk, the more shocked I become at how I could eat so much of it. The more water I drink, the less I want a diet soda (much less a six pack a day!). And the cost of better food is not an issue, since I don’t buy all the processed foods or drive through the fast food lane.

I am so glad I discovered that this is an enjoyable lifestyle… not a nail-biting test of my willpower while I’m starving and waiting for it to be OVER.

Who knows how many years I may have added to my life or how much more I will enjoy those years because of my new and improved lifestyle. Thank you for showing me the way!

Kathy Randolph

“I’ve Breezed through Menopause, while others are Experiencing Terrible Effects…”

My name is Vikki and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I’m 53 years old and while my family history is one of heart disease, I have been blessed with good health. I never wanted to be a statistic, so I decided long ago that through diet and exercise it was not going to happen to me.

About five years ago, we had a wellness doctor visit our offices and talk about the importance of nutrition and the power of healthy foods to prevent and heal disease. This person changed my life!

Since then, I have been on a mission to get people to change at least one bad habit and stick to it for six months. I am a Human Resources Advisor and I started a “What’s Good for You” section on our company intranet. I have noticed a huge change to my colleague’s diets over the last two years.

I genuinely care about people and have taken up part time study to get a further understanding of the human body. While I am not a qualified practitioner, I feel confident in helping people to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Because of my diet and choice of healthy foods I have been able to breeze through menopause, while many women of my age are experiencing terrible effects. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story!

Vikki Bishop

“I Hope this Story Helps People Understand the Role that Diet Plays in Fertility.”

I’m South African and would like to share the difficulty my wife and I had conceiving a child and the power that a proper diet can have on fertility. We will be thrilled if this information helps others.

My wife and I planned to have two kids, but my wife ovulated only about twice a year and her menstrual periods were very irregular! This reduced our chances considerably.

After about 18 months of medical testing and fertility drugs, our first child was born. We were very happy! When he was two years old, we decided he needed a brother or sister. Again, we experienced problems with conception. After two more years, we had given up hope and accepted the fact that we would have only one child.

Not long after, we met a man through our church who had diabetes. He had lost his job and couldn’t drive because of blackouts. His health was very poor and he was told he could not eat even one grape! So imagine my surprise, several months later on a church camping trip, when I saw him eating a whole bowl of fruit salad!!

He told me that he had started a new diet, based on natural, whole foods and a concept called food combining. In only six weeks he had stopped taking insulin. Even his astounded doctor said he did not need it anymore.

My wife and I wanted to eat healthier, so we started the diet right away. But we never expected what followed. After about 4 months my wife’s 6-month period intervals became 5 months. Then they became four. As we continued eating healthfully her intervals normalized and she began to have her period every 28 days!

Eight years after our first son was born, his prayers for a brother or sister were answered. The doctor said that he had never seen such a thick umbilical cord and remarked that my wife must have eaten a very healthy diet.

I hope this little story motivates people to start eating natural foods… and helps them understand the role that our diet plays in fertility.
André Scott


“Within a Month All the Rosacea Was Gone!”

Eating healthy foods has changed my life!

Starting in my teenage years, I began to have severe acne. Not only did I have small pimples, I experienced the pain of cystic acne. Over the years, I used numerous prescriptions and even had cortisone shots injected into my face to reduce the inflammation.

Dermatologists always told me that food had nothing to do with it. But I know different. My face always gives my eating habits away! And I recently had a wake-up call about those eating habits.

I had a red and crusty spot on my forehead that wouldn’t go away. It sounds gross, I know! I began thinking that it could be skin cancer, so I booked an appointment with my local dermatologist, who informed me that I had rosacea and prescribed a cream and antibiotic.

He suggested that the anti-inflammatory properties in the antibiotic would help the redness go away. But after having the prescription filled, I began thinking about the havoc the antibiotic would have on my body.

So, I started with a 5-day liver cleanse. Then I embarked on a journey to find any anti-inflammatory foods. Within a month of following this diet, all of the rosacea was gone!

What you put in your mouth really does have an effect on your body – outside and inside! I am so thankful for discovering the power of anti-inflammatory foods and I wish you the best of success helping others find the path to better health!

Debbie Cotton

“I Got My Life Back and it was all a Result of Changing My Diet and Adding in Some Regular Exercise.”

My name is Lesley O’Donoghue and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I didn’t have any bad disease or condition, but I was definitely heading that way. I was overweight, unfit and unhappy. I had low self-esteem, low energy and low confidence. On the outside I appeared happy and in control. But in my mind, I had some pretty horrible conversations about how fat and ugly I was. I thought that people were only friends with me because they felt sorry or couldn’t find anyone better. I didn’t even understand why my husband wanted to stay with me.

I’d probably felt this way for a lot of my life, but after having my two children and putting on weight I was really down on myself. When my youngest daughter turned two, I decided it was time to get my body back. I didn’t want to turn into a “fat, old person” at the young age of 32. I decided to do something about it and become a great role model for my daughters.

After trying numerous things, I finally got the right formula and started exercising early every morning (before the family woke up and needed me). I also changed my diet dramatically, cutting out the junk food and increasing the fresh, live foods that I was eating – more vegetables and I ate fruit daily. I educated myself about food labels and the effects of the additives and preservatives that I had been eating freely.

As a result I lost 22 pounds. I was amazed at the difference this made in my life. I felt more confident than ever and I actually started liking the way I looked. I stopped wearing big baggy clothes to cover my body and even decided to take up the sport of triathlon. I had so much more energy and I felt fantastic. I no longer got sick every month and my self-esteem soared! I got my life back and it was all a result of changing my diet and adding in some regular exercise. It really has been a life changing event.  I now can’t imagine life being any other way.

Your message and education are invaluable Kelley. It’s a big job, but you’re doing great.  Don’t ever give up because it’s too important.  You really are what you eat and the more we can let people know, the better off our society and our kids are going to be!

Lesley O’Donoghue

“I Won’t Repeat What I Told Her… but I Decided then and there to End the “Doctor Solution” Scenario and Take Charge of My Own Health!”

I find Kelley’s story a great inspiration. After about ten years of hard drinking, I had ruined my health. I was suffering from gout and arthritis. And I was told by a surgeon that without spinal surgery, I would be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I won’t repeat what I told her! But I decided then and there to end the “doctor solution” scenario and take charge of my own health. I prayed to God and meditated on finding a solution. It came in the form of a great blessing.

I was approached by a friend who attempted to get me to sell a multi-level marketing product called Super Greens. I wasn’t interested in becoming a sales person, but she gave me a supply of the Super Greens and I promised
to try them for one month.

Within two weeks, I was totally out of pain in my hips, knees and shoulders!

I ended my bad drinking habits, began a supplement plan, and started eating more nutritious food. I now eat a salad with two meals a day, and most of that is organic fruit and veggies. I also eliminated sweets for the most part.

These changes brought me back to health. But fate would not let me forget my challenges. About two years ago, I was diagnosed with a swollen prostate. My urologist had me on a catheter for about nine months up to four times a day.

This gave me urinary infections at a rate of about one every two weeks. Then the powerful antibiotics they gave me ruined my feet and my digestive tract, and I lost thirty pounds in six months. It seemed that I was on death’s doorstep.

I finally found another urologist who was horrified by what had transpired. He arranged for me to have laser surgery. But I still had an infection that wouldn’t subside. Even Cipro wasn’t working. So I took Colloidal Silver at a rate of one teaspoon every two hours. Within three days, the infection was completely gone and I never had another one!
Since then, I have been eating healthfully and supplementing faithfully and I am back to extraordinary good health. I have gained back the weight I lost, mostly in muscle. I work out regularly and have amazing energy. I now have near perfect health!

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you my story of recovery to Vibrant Health!

Nick Merolesi

“Discovering My Health Problem was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me…”

When my first child – Autumn was born way back in 1979 I went from my normal 110 pounds to 85 – I know this is not the usual problem after giving birth, but I kept losing weight.

I finally figured out that I had hypoglycemia. This meant I produced way too much insulin when I ingested any form of sugar.  This was supposed to be a temporary condition. But here I am, 31 years later, and I cannot eat sugar or any form of sweetener, including Splenda, honey, etc.

To satisfy my sweet tooth, this meant I needed to learn to bake my own goodies. My three children were raised on these “sugarless treats.” At first I was using artificial sweeteners – not a good thing for growing children or myself.

I am happy to say that in the later years, I discovered healthier alternatives, like inulin and stevia. Even with these alternatives, I have to be very careful how much I add to avoid an insulin reaction.

Discovering this sugar problem has been the best thing that has ever happened to my health. It has forced me to read labels, and continually look in various places for other products that I may or may not consume. I have become very knowledgeable on the benefits and harm that certain foods can do to our body.

My health problems have not only led me to eat and live healthy, it has also resulted in my three children doing the same. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you.

Sharon MacDonald

“Immediately My Life Started Changing for the Better…”

I grew up in a typical mid-western middle-class household. Mom was (and still is) a great cook, and she did her best. But we pretty much ate the standard American diet, with lots of cookies, sugar and desserts.

When I was 12 became constipated and remained so for the next seven years. I thought there was something wrong with me and I was too embarrassed to ask for help. When I was 15 I had a horrible carbuncle on the back of my right thigh for nine months. My body was eliminating toxins anyway that it could.

Then, when I was 21, I started reading nutritional books in the library and found out about fiber. Immediately my life started changing for the better. I began to detox in the summer of 1984 and I haven’t been clogged up since!

I made a list of all the high fiber / laxative foods that I learned about and ate lots of them. One thing I still do to this day is put a tablespoon of oatbran on almost every main dish. It has almost no flavor so you can’t taste it on free range eggs, salads, etc.

I’ve told almost all of my friends about my painless way to increase their fiber but they won’t listen. However I am happy to say that I have my children convinced! They asked why I ate it and I told them It was to make elimination easier. Let’s just say they are not constipated – like I was – and they are far healthier than most of their cousins and peers.

I really appreciate the efforts you are making to educate people about nutrition and lifestyle. Many businesses have a vested interest in keeping people sick.

Sincerely Yours,

George Lovrien

“Your Brain Has Healed So Cleanly that Another Neurosurgeon Looking at these Scans, Could Not Even tell that You Had Neurosurgery…”

After many and varied doctor’s visits I finally discovered that I had both thyroid cancer and a brain tumor. It is believed that both had resulted from radiation treatments I had received as a five year old for a common scalp ringworm!

A dollar’s worth of fungal cream and I would have been fine. However in the 1950s X-ray equipment was new and they were finding ever new applications to spread the initial costs!

I visited many traditional doctors and none of them could answer my questions about how I could help myself with lifestyle changes. I reasoned that if cellular division was at the root of my brain and thyroid cancers, then I must be able to impact what my body had at its disposal to heal itself by using nutrient-dense foods.

After having been told my approach was ‘not scientific’ by an endocrinologist at one of the country’s top rated hospitals, I visited a naturopath on Philadelphia’s Main Line. She indicated that, indeed, I could impact my life positively by changing my food choices.

I immediately upped my intake of vegetables, especially green leafies. I began juicing and seeking out foods, intentionally produced to be toxin free.

After my most recent MRI scan, the neurosurgeon said to me: “I don’t get to say this to many people! Your brain has healed so cleanly and completely that another neurosurgeon looking at these scans, could not even tell that you had neurosurgery.”

And not only that, but just three weeks ago, my endocrinologist noted that I have NO thyroid antibodies present. This was totally unexpected!

Food and exercise are the most effective tools in my healthcare kit!! As Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine”. Words to live by! All the best!

Joy Linton

“Within Weeks My Arthritis Was Lower, My Energy Higher and I Was Sleeping Better…”

I am a 55 year old innkeeper and I have found great benefits from switching to a low-glycemic diet.

Most of my life I have taken vitamins and supplements and eaten a fair amount of vegetables and fruits. But I also ate a lot of sweet junk food. I rationalized that by eating nutritional food, I could afford to eat the sweets. I thought that as long as I was getting the nutrition, it would negate the need to cut out the bad stuff. I am also an avid exercise person.

A few years ago I read about the benefits of a low-glycemic diet. At that time I was taking Crestor and Strattera (for ADD). I decided I would try cutting out 95% of the sugar/carbs, increase the vegetables and good fats (olive oil, walnuts, avocados, etc.) and stop taking the drugs. It would be my own experiment. I didn’t share the plan with my wife or doctor. I just did it.

Within weeks I noticed that my osteoarthritis was significantly lower, my energy higher and I was sleeping better (and it’s worth a mention that my bowels were moving regularly). I had no weight loss goal, but I lost 12 pounds without even trying (and I wasn’t running around hungry all the time either).

At my next blood test my cholesterol was actually lower than it was on the Crestor! When I told my doctor I had stopped taking it three months before and doubled my fat intake, he thought I was kidding! He did acknowledge the evidence that a low-glycemic diet had some benefits, but he wanted me back on the Crestor.

I asked him to prescribe the more thorough cholesterol test (NMR) and we found that my cholesterol profile was extremely low risk. Combined with low triglycerides and CRP levels, I am at a very low risk for heart disease (I have a family history of heart disease).

Since then there have been times when I have eaten wrong and I really feel it afterwards.  Low energy – both physically and mentally – and usually a poor night’s sleep. I try to convince others of these benefits but most people don’t want to change their way of eating. As an innkeeper I prepare breakfast for a lot of people and I can tell by what they order that they don’t get it. Some will have egg whites with potatoes and toast thinking that low fat is helping them.

Also, I love your Chocolate Bliss Cake!!  I make it, cut it into squares and freeze it. When I need my chocolate fix I just take one out of the freezer and “chip away” at it. Just great!

Glenn Kithcart

“While I am Elderly, I am Still Malleable, Active and Viable…”

I am 79 years of age, and for many years, I have read about and adopted the best healthy habits available to me. So far so good. I take no medicines and generally remain untouched by physicians. My blood pressure and pulse are excellent. I have had no need for other medical lab work, so I have no other parameters.

I’ve always been a farm boy. I was a hard physical worker and had a tendency to overeat. The results became apparent when I left behind my physical work for a professional career. At age 42, my belly laid over my belt and my resting heart rate was 93! Several family members had suffered heart problems and a similar fate seemed likely for me.

My mother may have been my savior. She was brought up eating home-grown vegetables. In fact, she used to walk half a mile into the woods to find a stream with watercress! In addition to the vegetables we ate growing up, we also ate unrestricted amounts of meat and fats. Fats were never wasted!

When I decided to make a change in my health, I changed my diet for the better. My breakfast consists of oatmeal (with coconut oil) and generous servings of mixed berries, raw kale, romaine or parsley, either sardines or canned wild salmon. I also have a couple servings of green tea (with several thin slices of ginger root) and six fish oil capsules. I also take 7,000 IU’s of vitamin D3 and a B-complex tablet.

Lunch is generally a stew of meat or poultry, boiled with garlic and spices, including turmeric, rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, etc. To this stew I add salsa, tomato sauce, onions, steamed greens, marinated mushrooms, Kalamata olives and coconut oil.

Dinner is similar to lunch, although I do occasionally make a sandwich with a multi-grain bread or have molasses or fruit preserves. Coconut oil is still incorporated somewhere in the mix.

Not much of a story, I suppose. But I wanted to let you know that while I am elderly, I am still malleable, active and viable… thanks to my healthy diet!

Chuck Kendall

My Blood Sugar Readings are Now Perfectly Healthy!

In 2009, I had prostate surgery which required me to use a catheter. One of the nurses pointed out that my urine was a deep red color and ordered blood work for me. My glucose reading was 25.7 and the nurse announced “You are diabetic.”

That was like hearing that I have terminal cancer. However, in the last year I have learned low glycemic as a way of life. My readings are now in the 5 to 6 range. Perfectly healthy!
Ken Strongman

“I Never Knew How Many Symptoms are Caused by Candida!”

Sex was something I wanted to avoid totally when I was in my 30s. It was too painful. Some doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me and it was all in my mind. But I liked sex too much for it NOT to be a real, physical problem!

Then a friend turned me on to some information about yeast overgrowth and Candida albicans. I had no idea how common this was. And I never knew how many different symptoms can be caused by candida!

Right away, I changed my diet – primarily eliminating sugars. BOOM! The problem of painful sex rapidly went away immediately – after SEVERAL YEARS OF SUFFERING!!
Belle Gayer


“My Husband is Now Off All Medication!”

Three years ago my husband was suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Ross River Virus (a mosquito-borne illness that results in flu symptoms and joint pain). After struggling for months with severe joint pain, he finally took sick leave.

His doctor had him taking medication to lower his blood pressure, cholesterol and help manage the pain. I decided to help him take charge of his health, naturally. We drastically changed our diet and he resigned from his teaching job to reduce the stress in his life.

We used to follow a low-fat, high-carb diet. We increased healthy fat, greatly decreased carbohydrates (especially sugar and white flour products) and greatly increased our vegetables. We even started growing our own organic vegetables and raising free-range chickens.

My husband is now off all medication, his blood pressure is under control and the symptoms of the Ross River virus no longer trouble him at all. It’s amazing what following a healthy diet can do!

Diane How

“I’m Recovering My Health and Look Forward to Seeing My Grandchildren Grow Up…”

Learning about foods and how what you eat can change your life and health from bad to good is a new concept for me. It is one that I am so excited to learn about. I am beginning to recover my health and look forward to seeing my grandchildren grow up. This has not been an easy journey, but thanks to you, Kelley, my journey of re-education is becoming easier.

Going to the emergency room and being diagnosed with high blood pressure was my first wake up call. But that was only the beginning. I began having small panic attacks out of nowhere. I had low level ‘vibrations’ in my body and joints. Of course, my physicians were stumped about that one, so I called a holistic MD.

He told me to get on Magnesium Taurate immediately. BINGO! That cured those problems right away. I have also been learning about how the processing of sugar, salt, rice, flour and other natural foods takes out vital nutrients.

Finding natural, unprocessed salt such as Himalayan Crystal Salt enabled me to get off another prescription for excessive swelling in my legs and hands – but was draining me of potassium!

Wow… What a journey! I am so excited to learn from you, Kelley, on the preparation and knowledge of different foods to continue improving my health.

Jan Miller

Gluten Issues, Food Allergies & Intolerances


“I Was Tested for Food Allergies and Sensitivities… It Was Money Well Spent!”

Once upon a time I could eat anything and everything. I thought I had a cast-iron stomach. However, by the time I reached my thirties that changed. I had trouble digesting some things. And when I got upset, it was better if I didn’t eat at all.

Then in 1997 I collapsed twice. I passed out, and then felt weak the rest of the day. I had problems sleeping. I felt stressed all the time, had skin problems and very low energy levels. What on earth was going on?

I decided that I needed to be tested for food allergies, sensitivities and everything that might be detected in blood samples. So, I found an independent lab that handled everything for one flat fee. It was money very well spent!

I learned that I had developed sensitivities to many foods. This was not because of an allergy, but because I ate them so frequently. I often ate leftovers of the same meal for several days in a row.
This lab offered a free interpretation and food plan. They put me on a “rotation diet” where I ate from certain related food families on a given day and then other food families the next day, in rotation.

My digestion improved remarkably. I quickly regained my energy. And I just felt more comfortable with myself. I am so excited about your Delicious Solutions program. It will make it so much easier for people like me on a special diet!

Laura S

“I Can’t Imagine How Many People Have Allergies and Food In-sensitivities… and They Don’t Even Know It!”

I was a healthy 45-year old who never showed any health problems. My cholesterol and blood pressure were always perfect. I was relatively active but somewhat overweight, so I started eating more salads with salmon or steak and lots of vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

One night, I woke up feeling like my neck was pulsating to the very fast beat of my heart. It was a frightening experience, so I went to the ER, where I found that my blood pressure was 200 over 170. They thought I was having a heart attack!

They ran a number of tests, but nothing showed up. After several specialists couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, I saw an MD who solved the mystery.

I had food allergies to broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower. All the foods in the cruciferous family! Those foods are very healthy to eat, but they are not right for my body.

Thankfully, I now know to avoid them. But I can’t imagine how many people have health problems related to allergies and food insensitivities… and they don’t even know it!

Bev Barton

“I am So Excited about Delicious Solutions… Hundreds of Menus and Recipes Custom Tailored for My Needs…”

I slowly changed my way of living, eating and thinking over the last 15 years. The more open I was to change, the more I learned. I now know that fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, raw dairy, and organic, free-range, grass-fed meats are what we need to be healthy.

Since I have made these changes and eliminated most junk foods, I rarely get a cold and have had no other illnesses. Even at 64 years old, I have beautiful skin and almost no wrinkles.

I do have a problem, however.  Testing has shown that I have several food intolerances. This can be very problematic, even when I cook at home. That’s why I am so excited about your Delicious Solutions program.

All I have to do is fill out the wellness assessment and food preferences and hundreds of delicious menus and recipes will be delivered custom tailored for my needs!

Alice Goers, CAP

“…Went Off Gluten and within Three Days, 30 Years of Headaches went Away…”

I had headaches almost every day from the age of 15 to 47. I did all the medical things – blood sugar monitoring, testing for heart issues, ENT testing for dizziness. Everything always came out fine. I ate healthfully (or so I thought). But I was still getting these headaches. Imagine 30 years of pain and frustration!

Then I met a naturopathic doctor and made an appointment to see him. Before the appointment he asked me to keep a diary of the things I was eating. At the appointment, we talked extensively about my medical history. He sent me home with a few supplements, a prescription for a blood test, and a suggestion to go off gluten for a month.

Within three days, I stopped having headaches and my dizziness ended completely. It is now three years later and I am so much happier!

And thank you so much, Kelley, for your delicious Chocolate Bliss Cake. I know when people try it they will love it as much as I do.

Peace and Love,

Suzanne Stapler

“Finally, I went for Allergy Testing… I Feel So Much Better Now!”

My story started as a child with allergies – mainly asthma – that would send us rushing to the doctor’s office for shots, prescriptions, antibiotics and inhalers.

I was so malnourished I would eat the dust off the bumper off the car because it tasted good! Yuck! I outgrew the asthma but had low energy, yeast infections and bronchitis on a regular basis.

My immune system was shot by the time I was an adult, so I began having hormone, adrenal and thyroid problems. Finally, I went for allergy testing. I learned that I had allergies to many grains, especially corn and wheat. I live in Kansas, and had noticed that my intestinal symptoms, achy joints and seasonal allergies always flared up when the corn was maturing or being cut.

But I didn’t take it seriously or even know what to do until 2002, when my son started to lose weight rapidly and have major intestinal distress. In my research, I came across Celiac Disease. When I looked at the symptoms list, I almost fell over!

My dad had died of lymphoma at the age of 53 and on most of the lists of complications related to Celiac, you find lymphoma and other cancers.

Soon after, I started on corn- and gluten-free diet. The process of getting off the grains has been difficult, but well worth it. I feel so much better now and find it much easier to maintain a healthy weight!
Lori Hager-Johnson

“For the First Time in Years, I Felt Young and Vibrant…”


For my entire life I was an athlete. I played soccer competitively for 20+ years and was always in great shape.  I’m also the guy who is always busy doing something around the house and never seems to get tired. Two years ago this started to change… drastically.

It seemed that all my old “war wounds” had caught up to me. My back was shot from a car accident in college. My toes were arthritic from having been broken so many times playing ball. At the age of 33, I felt like a 50 year old man.

And it all came to a head in one week. As I picked up my son one day, my back went out (again). But this time it was nearly incapacitating. A few days later, I hobbled outside and lay in the grass to watch my son play. While out there, I was reminded that my “seasonal allergies” had gotten progressively worse over the past few years. I proceeded to go into a sneezing frenzy. In doing so, I pulled a muscle in my ribs (hurts way more than you think it would).  So at this point I could hardly walk, bend over, lift anything, or even breathe normally. Now I felt like an injured 60 year old man.

As I’m lying on the couch, watching TV and shoveling hot dogs and chips down my throat, an infomercial comes on for Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About. I know, I know. Kevin Trudeau is a huckster. But he’s also a master marketer and I was captivated. His book opened my eyes, and started me down the rabbit hole, so to speak. I began reading vast amounts on health, nutrition and cleansing. I figured that all of this stuff was good for you, so maybe I’ll give it a try.

Meanwhile, I started to exercise. My ribs healed and my back felt a little better. However I still felt “old”. Fast forward to last August. After some yo-yo changes to my diet, I decided to do the Master Cleanse. That’s right, the 10 day “lemonade” diet, where you essentially drink maple syrup and cayenne pepper infused lemonade and nothing else. I have to tell you, it was the greatest, most eye opening experience of my life! Well, it was awesome at least. I wasn’t a heavy guy ever. When I started the cleanse, I was 201 lbs (6’3″). When I finished, I weighed 185. I didn’t even think I had it to lose.

The amazing thing was that my allergies vanished, my back pain was completely gone, and I had no more arthritis in my toes. For the first time in years, I felt young and vibrant.

I’m not going to go off on how everybody should do Master Cleanse because I did. My point is that I had stuff in me to cleanse. And the stuff I was eating aided in my feeling like an old man. I think it’s disgusting what gets passed off as food these days. Our food is killing us. It’s nutritionally bankrupt. It causes our bodies to become out of balance and forces them to defend themselves by producing more cholesterol and retaining fat.

The unfortunate thing is that we have developed the habits of eating this crap because it’s manufactured to taste good. Fortunately, I’ve made some more consistent changes. I am happy to say that I still feel great and haven’t gained a pound since last summer.  I’m in balance.

Education is the key.  The information you offer and the stories you tell will make a giant difference. It will take many people like yourself and much time, but I think that ultimately people will get it. Keep doing what you do!

Warmest Regards,

Edward J. Corcoran III

Healing University

“I was Definitely ‘Depleted by Drugs’…”

I just read your report, “Are You Depleted by Drugs?” and just in that booklet realized that you have something really powerful with your series.  I was on several meds and I can see now why I was lacking energy.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes years ago, I have lost 100 pounds (45 pounds in just the last year). But I want to lose another 15 pounds and get off insulin injections. I am really excited about Your Plate, Your Fate and I’m confident that this is just the information I need!

Linda Luit


“Getting Hold of this Knowledge Has Changed My Life… I Look Forward to Whatever Teachings You Have to Offer!”

Five years ago I would have thought your “mission” was a joke.  I was Superwoman: strong, powerful and capable of handling anything. I worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week and thought nothing of it. I also didn’t think much about what I put in my mouth – as long as it was cheap.

One day in the Spring of 2005, I was walking across the parking lot to work.  I suddenly found myself out of breath. I stopped to catch my breath, which took longer than expected. Flustered, I continued across the lot and into the office.

These episodes became more frequent, until one day I almost passed out in my office. My chest hurt and I could hardly breathe. My supervisor rushed in a panic to call an ambulance and I was hauled off to the emergency room.

Fighting to breathe and stay conscious, I waited more than an hour to see a doctor.  I vaguely remember someone taking blood from me, and someone else running an IV drip into my arm.  A little while later, a doctor’s face was floating above me.

I focused on the face as the haze slowly cleared. He was a handsome young intern with a thick Greek accent. But despite his accent, the words he spoke were very easy to understand.

“You should be dead right now.”

He explained that my blood sugar was extremely high. Normal sugar levels are 70 – 120. Mine was 636. My blood pressure was extremely high (200/110), and I was suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. Another doctor showed me an x-ray of my chest. My heart was extremely enlarged, and you could see the “mist” in my lungs (both lungs were full of fluid).

I walked out of that hospital two days later, prepared to die. I was angry, I was scared, and I couldn’t understand why my body had chosen to betray me.  But I knew that I could not live as a sick person. There was no way I was going to make it through without a major miracle.

Depression set in like a load of bricks. I lost my job, and was forced to apply for disability. Despite a constant battle, I could not get my blood sugar or blood pressure under control, and I was constantly fighting fluid in my lungs, legs and feet.  Sometimes it was so bad I could not even wear socks or shoes. My fight to breathe was constant.

One day, I came to the hospital to give blood for various tests.  I was extremely depressed; my kidney function had fallen so low that I was facing the prospect of dialysis. On top of everything else, it was simply too much to bear. I was suicidal and it was not something I could talk to anyone about.

A young phlebotomist came up to take my blood.  She was a sweet, caring girl and always had a kind word for me when I came to have blood drawn. She looked me in the eye and smiled through my fog of depression.

She very quietly put a small card in my pocket. “I need this to be our secret,” she whispered with a smile. “You need to see this man. Call him.”

I did not remove the card until I left the blood lab.  I knew this young lady believed in “alternative” medicine; she had spoken of it a few times with a particular co-worker. I also knew that they did not discuss such things in the lab, because they could get fired for it. I was surprised she would be so bold as to give me this card.

The card was for a Nauropathic Doctor.  I am still alive today because I went to see him, and I continue to do so.

Kelley, I am just learning about you and the services you have to offer. But if you asked me if I believe in your “mission” now, the answer would be a resounding YES – because my ND has taught me about the power of food as medicine, and how food can literally change your health. I am learning the value of different foods and herbs for the body, and what the body really needs.

It is a long and tiring journey, but Kelley, if you can manage to change the lives of even a few people with what you know, you can bet it will be worth it. I know getting hold of that knowledge has changed my life, and I am looking forward to whatever teachings you have to offer.

Many Thanks,
Cheryl Hillery

“Thank you so much for your invaluable books!”

I have been diagnosed with auto-immune hepatitis (where my immune system periodically attacks my liver). And it can return at any time – like now.

Thank you so much for your invaluable books!

The section you wrote on fats and omegas has been very helpful. And your guidelines on healthy eating have helped ease the awful bloated feelings in my stomach and encourage my finicky taste buds. Your recipes are also helping me to regain the weight I lost suddenly when this came on.

Matt M.

“In a Long Search for Information, Your Program Looks Like Our Best Bet for Survival…”

I was an enforcement officer for 30 years. We lived in a world where our lunch or dinner break was dictated by the telephone. When the phone rang, the break was over. Period.

As a result, I ate (and still do) very quickly. We only had brief windows of time, and that dictated a lot of fast food and cafe food. If we were working in an environment where we didn’t have access to food, someone would bring in fast food, pizza, Chinese… whatever.

As a result, I am now described by my doctor as borderline diabetic… borderline this, and borderline that. I went in for a hip replacement and had to speak with a dietitian. She explained that my health issues were the direct result of my eating habits from square one. I watched what I was eating, but didn’t really get the significance of it all until I saw your website.

I have advised my wife that we both need to change our lifestyle if we are going to take the holidays and see the Christmases we want to. In a long search for information, your program looks like our best bet for survival. I thank you very much for the rest of my life!
Mikey McMahon

“Your Books are Ten Times Better than Other Sources of Health and Cooking Information… All the Info is at One Source…”

Unfortunately, I have been sick all my life. Arthritis came on me when I was just 6 years old. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 30, and then PCOS and hyper-cortisolism. I am now 51 and on disability.

Your informative books have become a valuable resource that I use almost every day!  To have all this knowledge in one place makes it so much easier to find ways to help myself feel better. Internet cruising can take so much time. Hours will pass just looking for one or two recipes.

But with YOUR PLATE YOUR FATE I can skip all that and find the answers right away! Your books are ten times better than other sources of health and cooking information that I have found. All the info is at one source.

One thing about me is that I always look at the person who creates the diet, because I assume that person is able to follow it. Sometimes they look sick. Sometimes they look old. But YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!  I think, if it does that to her, then I might get the same results. I can hope, right?!

So far, I have lost 20 lbs and I am feeling better all the time!

By the way, the most impressive results I have found to make myself feel better is eating raspberries. They have changed my life! I don’t know what it is about them but I just feel better when I eat them consistently.

Millissa Paige

“This Will Help so Many People…”

Very many thanks for the work you put into these books. What a wealth of interesting and useful information! This will help so many people. Thank you!

Bix Calderwood

“…The Most Important Purchase I Have Made!”


I have just downloaded your books. I rather think this may be the most important purchase I have made! Thank you!

Jan R.