Thanksgiving is just two short weeks away. As many of our readers have begun planning for the holidays, you have written in, asking for recipes for that blend the traditional with your personal style of healthy eating…

Paleo stuffing. Gluten-free pies. Low-sugar cranberry sauce.

Well, we’ve got ’em (check out the featured recipe below)! And many of you have offered up your own healthy ideas and suggestions for Thanksgiving too:

“This year, we’re doing things completely different than in years past. We are cutting out all grains/sugars which has contributed to some health issues and weight gain. We’ve been following this plan for 2 weeks and have already seen improvements”. – Joyce

“I also used to love bread stuffing but we are gluten free so this year I am going to try a sausage stuffing.” – Carren

“Favorite FOODIE holiday of the year. This year, I’m making it all PALEO so there’s no weight gain.” – Natalie

“This is the first Thanksgiving that I am eating more of a paleo-style diet. My plan is to minimize the starchy foods, avoid grains, and enjoy!” – Rachel

“…no crust pumpkin pie, fresh cranberries sweetened with a bit of honey and orange, gravy thickened by blending some of the carrots with the roast turkey.” – Diane

Paleo Stuffing: Taking The “Stuffed” out of Stuffing

While some traditional holiday recipes require nothing more than a couple quick substitutions to morph into delicious, gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb versions of their past (less healthy) selves, others just aren’t so willing to get a makeover.

And probably the most notorious of those is stuffing.

If you love Thanksgiving stuffing, you crave the bready, sage-infused goodness drizzled with a thick, herb gravy. And while stand-in stuffings made from grass-fed beef, sausage or cauliflower can be delicious too, they just don’t substitute for that nostalgic dish that mom whipped up (probably from a red box).

But here is one that will: “Cornbread” & Sage Paleo Stuffing.

You can also make your own variations on this recipe like Sausage – Cranberry and Pear-Proscuitto.