Calcium salts

Calcium salts, such as calcium carbonate, calcium sorbate, calcium lactate, calcium bromate, and calcium gluconate are used as nutrient additives in enriched foods.

The calcium salts are primarily found in grain products including cereals, flours, infant formulas, cornmeal, farina, noodles, and breads.  They are also used as emulsifiers in evaporated milk, frozen desserts, and breads; as dough conditioners in baked goods; and as clarifying agents in sweets.  Some are used as antacids and as buffering agents to help control acidity.

Some salts, such as calcium chloride, gluconate, and hydroxide, act as firming agents.  These may be used in jellies or in canned fruits, tomatoes, or potatoes.

Special Note: Healing Gourmet does not promote the use of calcium salts or any unnatural preservatives.

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