Artificial flavors

artificial flavors

Artificial flavors are specific and often complex mixtures of flavor compounds combined together to either imitate or enhance a natural flavor. The list of known flavoring agents includes thousands of molecular compounds, and the flavor chemist (flavorist) often mixes these together to produce many of the common flavors. Here is a list of the common chemicals used as flavorants: Diacetyl (Buttery Flavor), Isoamyl acetate (Banana), Cinnamic aldehyde (Cinnamon) , Ethyl propionate (Fruity), Limonene (Orange), Ethyl- (E, Z) -2,4-decadienoate (Pear), Allyl hexanoate (Pineapple), Ethyl maltol (Sugar, Cotton candy), Methyl salicylate (Wintergreen), Benzaldehyde (Bitter almond) and Vanillin (Vanilla).

Special Note: Healing Gourmet does not endorse artificial flavors.


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