Looking for the perfect Paleo brownie recipe? Read on!

Unless you’re one of the few humans in the world who just doesn’t care for chocolate (That just means more for us!), you probably stopped reading at “Brownie.” But for those of us who sometimes just need a hearty dose of dark chocolate, the brownie is black sheep of the dessert family. Packed with extra chocolate, butter, and sugar, these treats will set you back a thousand calories before you even realize you’ve eaten half the pan.

Never mind the caramel, extra nuts, fudge and ice-cream that suite them so well…

Fortunately, master chocolate aficionados have explored the means of baking our decadent treat with Paleo approved ingredients. If you saw our 20 best paleo chocolate chip cookies post, you know how much we’re into finding alternative solutions. Nut flours are an automatic assumption in a Paleo baking kitchen, but sometimes you just don’t have enough on hand. And when you’re craving chocolate…that just won’t cut it.

Instead of getting in the kitchen and blindly experimenting, the Paleo scientists have done it for you! These recipes explore baking with different combinations, even SAUERKRAUT, to get you your brownie fix by any means necessary.

So get that coconut ice-cream ready and be prepared to fend off family members. We recommend taking a good hard look at this list before jumping in, because these really are the 21 best paleo brownie recipes out there.Love brownies, gone Paleo? We've found the perfect Paleo brownie recipe for every taste, cooking level and dietary need from around the web.

Find Your Perfect Paleo Brownie Recipe

  1. Healing Gourmet Ultimate Paleo Brownie  (dairy free, egg free, optional nut free) Gone are the days of our gluten and sugar packed desserts, so brownies were a tough pan to overcome. Sadly, there is little that can replace the complexity and satisfaction of that not quite cake nor cookie treat. We had to conjure a spell that met the gooey, chewy, chocolatey magic that is a brownie! In this recipe, we used the power of science to balance different plant based sweeteners with almond butter to get that sweet, caramel flavor with the almost-fudge consistency. No grain and just 2 grams of sugar per square, these brownies will fix your fix without putting you in the sugar crash dumps!
  2. Hazelnut Skillet Brownie for Two We won’t mention their name for fear of drooling on your keyboard, but a nutty chocolate spread has been gracing toast (or just a spoon) for decades now. We miss it, but luckily there are options for that rich flavor to come back to our lives. This recipe blends the ever so compatible hazelnut with chocolate for a nutty-sweet treat fit for any pair. Bake up this Paleo brownie recipe in a skillet as quickly as you debate over which movie to watch tonight.
  3. Image of Death by Chocolate Paleo Brownie Recipes Death by Chocolate Blender Brownies (nut free, grain free) For those who like their chocolate more bitter than sweet, this is the brownie you’ve been looking for! They take cocoa powder to the max and amp up that chocolate goodness in one tool: a blender. No fuss mess and quick prep for a devilishly rich chocolate treat that will put hair on your chest.
  4. Espresso Sea Salt Brownies with Mocha Frosting Chocolate covered espresso beans, mocha lattes, coffee chocolate chunk ice-cream… the combination of cocoa and coffee is a favorite for obvious reasons. It packs heart healthy benefits with that salty-sweet blend of richness. This recipe pairs the two seamlessly. By baking in cupcake tins, you’ve got individual servings perfect for the afternoon boost and craving fix. *If you don’t have espresso infused sea salt, mix a little coffee grounds in your salt and up the espresso in your frosting mix for a full coffee flavor experience.
  5. Black Forest Brownie Hearts (vegan) Black forest cake is one of our favorite indulgences at Healing Gourmet. Here, they take the classic and spin it up the fruit power. The brownies are not only coupled with the tart-sweet flavor of cherries, but they utilize apple sauce for that density and creaminess that a great cake embodies.
  6. SuperfoodImage of Black Forest Heart Paleo Brownie Recipes Chocolate Chunk Brownies (nut free) We often get lost in our varying flours, finding that right combination to get the balance just right, and in turn, overloading our baked goodies. In this recipe, Monique of Ambitious Kitchen plays with the power of coconut flour and eggs for a fluffy and filling brownie. She swears by that hint of almond butter to give the batter a rounded edge without overloading it.
  7. Wellness Bakeries Brownie Bark (dairy free) This new to the scene “brownie bark” is not the traditional firm chocolate square you might picture when you think of bark. Instead, it manifests the concept of the fought over corner piece. That gooey, yet crispy cookie like part. Wellness Bakeries has mastered the crunchy-chewy bark with only 2 grams of sugar in each piece. That’s a tenth of what’s in an apple!

With their Better Brownie Mix, you can spread it however thin you’d like to get your daily fix of homemade dark chocolate deliciousness. We like to top ours with a little sea salt and chopped pumpkin seeds! Or pomegranate seeds… or a raspberry glaze… or macadamia nuts… (Only advice about these is while they’re delicious immediately, they’re the best when you let them firm up into that perfect bark consistency. Do your best to wait before eating them all, because it’s worth it!)

  1. Raspberry Swirl Brownies Image of Raspberry Swirl Paleo Brownie Recipes Since it really is one of our favorite combos, we couldn’t resist featuring another tart fruit, bitter chocolate, sweet treat combo. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen found a way to not only include raspberries, but give them a serious role in this Paleo brownie recipe. Instead of the minimal pockets of flavor, this swirl is like dipping fresh fruit in a chocolate fountain. We love the spin on cashew cream as a topping without feeling like its frosting overload. Talk about “food porn!”
  2. Vegan & Nut Free Brownies (dairy free, egg free, nut free) Elana from Elana’s Pantry has whipped up dozens of Paleo-friendly brownies, it was hard to choose just one! This recipe, however, is accommodating for treats for our neighbors or as a potluck dish, so we couldn’t resist sharing it. The use of sunflower seed butter and chia seeds boosts their nutritional value and packs in protein. Plus, she utilizes alternative sweeteners so it’s blood sugar friendly as well. She recommends taking them out of the oven when the edges are crisp since they’re so fudgy it’s hard to tell they’re ready!
  3. Spicy Red Velvet Brownies (nut free) Red velvet cake brings a new level of adventure to dessert. Yes, red is an appetite stimulator, so it could be that. Or it could be that it’s different from the norm why a “brownie” is dubbed as such. Whatever it is that is so alluring about red and chocolate is also adding chemicals to your favorite treats. Instead of food coloring, this recipe taps into the red sugar power of beets for a sinful snack. Even more, this Paleo brownie recipe maintains the sultry vibes and kicks up the antioxidant powers by adding in some spice. Adventure at its most delicious!
  4. Zucchini Brownies (dairy free, nut free) We love incorporating vegetables (or in this case, low-glycemic fruit) wherever we can, especially when it comes to baking. This Paleo brownie recipe plays with the nutrient-rich zucchini for a boost in nutrition… and cut in flour. Since they help keep you feeling full, you won’t feel the urge to overindulge. Its simple approach gives your brownies a unique spin that will fool the kids and skeptics every time!
  5. Sauerkraut BrowniesImage of Autoimmune Paleo Brownie Recipes (nut free) OK, OK, it seems like a wild stretch, but if we used zucchini in baked goods, why would sauerkraut be so absurd?! German sauerkraut cake, although arguably less common than black forest, has been cutting veggies into dessert for centuries. The sour taste is minimal, but what’s left compliments the bitterness of chocolate. While it’s a bummer that you don’t get the probiotic benefit of sauerkraut (since it’s typically killed off in the oven), this recipe helps cut the flour for a chewy snack worth trying out!
  6. Sweet Potato Ginger Brownies (nut free) Civilized Caveman is at it again with a combo that meets our sweet and spicy love in a fudgy brownie. This Paleo brownie recipe takes advantage of dense sweet potato for a consistency that will rival any traditional brownie. Plus, you get the nutritional benefits like a boost in beta-carotene, fiber, and vitamin C! So spice it up and see what all the rave reviews are about!
  7. Raw Sweet Potato Brownies (dairy free, nut free) Since sweet potatoes really benefit the nutritional profile of our brownie indulgences, we couldn’t help but share another spin on this substitute. In this Paleo brownie recipe, you cut your time by using raw, grated sweet potatoes. Just toss them in with the rest and you’re set. They’re cakey, they’re fudgy, and they’re healthy. Win-win-win.
  8. Pumpkin Swirl Brownies (dairy free, nut free)Whether it’s Autumn or not, pumpkin is a popular flavor for good reason. It packs nutrients like copper and iron, and like sweet potato, is an excellent source of fiber and beta-carotene. Since it bakes up so well, it makes sense that a chocolate pumpkin combo would make for a good brownie. Yet another delicious means of getting in the important benefits of pumpkin, wrapped inside a chocolate brownie fix!
  9. Avocado Brownies Image of Raw Sweet Potato Brownie Recipes(dairy free, nut free) Avocados are praised for their buttery abilities, but often not enough for the many benefits these fruits pack. On top of heart-healthy oil, they help reduce the risk of cancer and cut bad cholesterol. These brownies take advantage of their creamy versatility for an antioxidant rich result. With avocados, these brownies come out more like fudge, which is A-OK by us!
  10. Chocolate Mousse Brownies (dairy free) Another great use of avocados is as a fluffy addition to not just the brownie, but here, its frosting like topping. In this recipe, avocados and coconut blend effortlessly to bring a creamy topping to our decadent dessert. Instead of a whole brownie, you get a slice of heaven. One bite and you’ll be on cloud 9.
  11. Chocolate Peppermint Silk Brownie Bars The best of it all come together in this layered treat. Sure, there are more steps than most of the other recipes featured here, but boy, is it worth it! You’ve got a sliceable dessert that pairs nuts, dates, and peppermint for an after-dinner treat with coffee or tea. Since it’s oven-free, it’s best to prepare it a few hours before eating to ensure it sets with the best consistency before slicing.
  12. Triple Chocolate Mint Brownies (dairy free) In case you’re hankering for more of that mint chocolate combination, this recipe blends chocolate three ways for a decadent fudge. Vanessa at Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind feels like this is the best recipe she’s made yet. With cool mint swirling through every bite, you’re sure to get your fix, and then some.
  13. Autoimmune Protocol Friendly Brownie Bars Image of Chocolate Mousse Paleo Brownie Recipes (dairy free, egg free, nut free) It’s not uncommon to find ways to adjust Paleo desserts to meet other dietary needs such as nut-free or vegan. However, coming across a chocolatey Paleo brownie recipe for those suffering with an auto-immune condition presents many challenges. In this Paleo brownie recipe, they not only master the brownie, but a cookie base as well. Be sure to read through the ingredients since many aren’t exactly common household tools. It’ll be worth the plan-ahead!
  14. Easy Paleo Brownie We could get carried away in the various techniques that people have experimented with, but sometimes simple is just better. This recipe has is highly recommended for good reason. It doesn’t call for many ingredients, it’s quick and easy, and the result is the classic brownie that we’re used to from our boxed baking days. With a little bonus of espresso, you enhance your chocolate flavor without overloading on the sweet treat.

If you want to spruce up any Paleo brownie recipe, try chopping up a handful of your favorite nuts or seeds. They’ll add a crunch and a heart-healthy bonus. For an even more experimental twist, try this paleo caramel recipe for a swirl on top or post-baking drizzle.

Got a recipe or substitution you care to share? We’re always looking for unique spins that cater to you needs, so please post below!  Happy brownie baking!