Looking for the perfect Paleo bread recipe? You’ve come to the right place!

Beloved bread! It’s a staple in many cultures as an essential component of the meal. But bread’s cultural roots go far deeper than that. In fact, breaking bread with friends and family is a symbol of unity. And bread itself may be considered the “ultimate” comfort food. There are people who would probably make bread its own food group if they had the chance!

If you live a Paleo lifestyle or are simply looking for grain-free alternatives to your daily bread, you’ll be hard-pressed to find viable options in the stores. Gluten-free breads have gained great popularity in recent years, but due to their inclusion of rice flour and other grain-based ingredients, fail to maintain a Paleo composition.

Luckily, we’ve searched high and low for the best of the best Paleo bread recipes for you to make at home. With all the various ingredients and takes on how to make bread without traditional flour or grains, we did our best to find the easiest, healthiest takes on our wheat-based favorites. Baking bread has become tradition for many, and now you can try on a number of grain-free, Paleo-friendly recipes… right in your own kitchen! Check out these 19 Paleo bread recipes.  We know you’ll “loaf” them!

Looking for the perfect Paleo bread recipe? Check out these 19 grain-free breads sure to satisfy your cravings for sandwiches, rolls, baguettes and more!

Find The Perfect Paleo Bread Recipe for Your Sandwiches

  1. Simple Sandwich Paleo Bread: (dairy free) Lori over at Health Extremist did all the trial and error work for us with this Paleo bread recipe. She kept it quick and uses ingredients that most of us will already have on hand. She utilizes a few flours for that binding consistency needed in gluten-free baking without adding starchy ingredients. Be sure to melt the coconut oil before measuring and if it’s warm, wait before mixing with eggs to prevent curdling.
  1. Grain and Nut Free Sandwich bread (grain free, nut free, starch free) When you’re trying to avoid certain dietary triggers, a bread as accessible as this is worth testing out. It bakes up and slices like your crusty loaf from back in the day. No frills, just a good loaf of bread. She does use yogurt, but it is easily substituted for coconut milk to maintain a Paleo composition.
  1. Vegan Paleo Bread: (egg free, dairy free, coconut free) Whether you’re avoiding eggs, dairy or both, this vegan take on Paleo bread will help you get your avocado and veggie sandwich fix. Jen at Predominately Paleo utilizes a mix of flours and avocado oil to boost this loaf. If you’re avoiding nightshades, you could try substituting additional arrowroot or tapioca to adjust. Be advised: while delicious, this recipe uses flours from carb-heavy sources. It’s suggested that you consume in moderation to avoid spiking your blood sugar levels.

Vegan Paleo Bread Recipe.

  1. Sandwich Bread for Specific Carb Diet (grain free, dairy free) Danielle Walker’s journey led her to some serious health revelations. This Paleo bread recipe caters to the SCD but doesn’t sell short as your new favorite sandwich bread. You’ll notice this recipe is quite different than most Paleo breads. Try not to be deterred by cashew butter! Since most recipes call for a nut flour of sorts, cashews are fairly a financially comparable substitution. Plus, you can pick up raw cashews and make your own butter at home to save some “dough.” (here is another take on the SCD worth checking out: http://elanaspantry.com/rochels-cashew-bread/)

A perfect Paleo bread recipe to satisfy your sandwich cravings!

  1. Wellness Bakeries’ Paleo Philly Cheesesteaks (dairy free, if you omit cheese) The simple sub concept satisfied our lunchtime hunger so much that there’s even song dedicated to the foot-long! And perhaps none as famous as the Philly Cheesesteak. Not just 6 to 12 inches of a meal, but a meaty, cheesy harmony that leaves you scraping the waxed paper it’s wrapped in. The sad reality of this quick lunch is that it is a disaster for our health and waistline, leaving hoagies, grinders and submarines of all kinds. Luckily, Wellness Bakeries’ take on the ultimate comfort food sub is not to be missed. Their flexible, Paleo-friendly Better Bread mix is at it again, this time in the form of a small hoagie. Hearty, toothsome dough gives thinly sliced grass-fed beef the robust roll it deserves. Best of all, it is uber low carb and only takes 5 minutes to prepare the dough (no kidding!). You can custom shape your sub rolls to suit your hunger… and thanks to the low-carb, high-protein and fiber content of these delicious Paleo sub rolls, you won’t have to loosen your belt!

Paleo Breads for Your Snacking or Dinner “Kneads”

  1. Irish Soda Bread (dairy free): If you’re not familiar with Irish soda bread, don’t worry about having missed out before giving up the grain. No, it’s not made with a bubbly drink! Irish soda bread is simply a basic bread recipe that utilizes baking soda to get the bread to rise without yeast. This quick and easy Paleo bread recipe from New York Times Best Seller author Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Kitchen is sure to be a household staple. It’s no surprise this recipe has rave reviews!

A perfect Paleo bread recipe for dinner rolls!

  1. Healing Gourmet Paleo Dinner Rolls (dairy free) If there’s one nutritionally unnecessary but delicious dinner indulgence we’ve given up, the award would have to go to the dinner roll. For many, this tool is almost as important as a fork, acting as the post meal plate scraper, the mid-bite palate cleanser. It holds guests over while the roast is roasting. It dips in the soup and fills your belly. We had to find a solution. Well, now you can surprise your family and your stomach with a surprisingly veggie-filled, mid-meal treat that won’t weigh you down. This blend of coconut flour and psyllium husk powder imitates the holy roll without the dangerous ingredients. Instead of pesky carbohydrates sneaking in, you get a boost of fiber! Since there’s little prep time, you can whip this together just before dinner. Viola! A basket of fresh out of the oven rolls, just like in your favorite restaurant. We topped our last batch with a blend of butter, garlic, and herbs for a spin on garlic rolls.
  2. Savory Loaf: (nut free) We can’t help but smile after reading a post from the Merrymaker Sisters. They team up and put a lot of taste-testing effort into their recipes and it shows! This Paleo bread recipe reminds us of the “specialty” bread we’d buy fresh from the bakery for dinner. They use the power of vegetables to boost minimal alternative flours needed. What’s even better, the pumpkin and sesame seeds give it a nutty crunch without putting nut-intolerant eaters at risk.
  3. Rosemary Savory Bread (nut free, dairy free) When we read The Saffron Girl’s take on a nut-free, Paleo option, we had to resist going into the kitchen and whipping one up immediately. If you’ve tried out other recipes but were disappointed at how dense they were, you might want to give this one a go. The recipe looks like a foolproof option for the dryer, less-cakey take on Paleo bread.

An herby Paleo bread recipe for flavorful focaccia bread!

  1. Healing Gourmet Paleo Focaccia Bread (dairy free) One of the best breads for savory appetizers and Mediterranean dishes is the herby focaccia. Like a good pizza dough, focaccia absorbs flavors and sweeps you away to Italian heavens. But before you know it, you’re not only full but probably uncomfortable. We wanted to find a solution to this rustic treat that could be enjoyed freely before a meal or even as vehicle to create a pressed sandwich.Behold! The power of coconut strikes again! In this Paleo bread recipe, we utilize the whole coconut for a heart-healthy, fat-burning blend. Wait, this bread is good for you? Yes! Creamed coconut, eggs and herbs provide you with a slice of fiber, protein, and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that boost your metabolism and your immune system. So, snack away like you’re on a Tuscan vacation. Best of all, this “blender” bread takes just 5 minutes of prep time.

French Breads and Baguettes

A Paleo bread recipe for a delicious, grain free baguette!

  1. Paleo Baguette (coconut free, dairy free) Baguettes are not just unique because of their size and shape. That narrow bun is especially known for being crunchy on the outside and uniquely fluffy on the inside. If you’re a big baguette fan, it might be worth investing in a French bread pan to test your recipes, like this one from Skinny GF Chef. We like this simple recipe because it doesn’t call for as many eggs as other recipes we found. Since egg free breads are hard to find, we’re looking forward to testing this out with egg substitutes.
  2. French Bread (dairy free) Take a look at that loaf! This recipe is detailed and seemingly intimidating, but don’t let the ingredient list turn you away just yet. If you’re serious about mastering a Paleo French bread, this might be a good place to turn. The blend of various binding agents is what makes this bread more likely to turn out like the classic. It’s advised that you invest in a bread pan to bake this up as traditionally as possible. Be sure to read over all the instructions to not miss a beat (like putting the bread in the oven before preheating). While delicious, save this one for special occasions, it’s very high carb and high glycemic! A final note, because this bread contains sorghum (in the grass family), it would not be considered Paleo by staunch advocates.
  1. Cassava French Bread (nut free, dairy free, *uses yeast) We stumbled across this in our ever continuous hunt for an almost true, Paleo French Bread, but were surprised to read it bakes up more like a brioche! This nut free option uses the less common cassava flour and yeast to give it the bread flavor that’s greatly missed. Fear not, Paleo enthusiasts! Yeast has been more or less “approved” since our ancestors ate foods with yeast long before we were mixing it up for bread.A word of caution: as with many French breads, the ability to over-snack is easy. Since this uses cassava flour, it will have a higher carbohydrate content, making it more likely to increase your blood sugar.

Specialty Breads

A Paleo bread recipe for spicy, corn bread!

  1. Jalapeno Coconut “Corn” Bread (grain free, nut free, dairy free) Cornbread brings a taste of the south to any dish it’s served with. Sadly, corn is completely out of the question in Paleo diets, but the essence of that nutty, buttery bread isn’t all lost! This recipe pulls the sweet from carrot in a way that fools your tastes buds without harming your health! Add jalapeño or top with their chipotle butter for that Big Easy spice!
  2. Grain- Free Sourdough (grain free, dairy free) Sourdough, oh sourdough! While most gluten-free breads don’t rely on yeast (and time) to rise, sourdough is a different ball park. Like traditional sourdough, you’ll need to create a “starter,” using gut-healthy probiotics. Despite the various stipulations within this recipe, it’s sure to be your best bet for a grain-free option. Read through The Urban Poser’s very detailed instructions prior so you’re aware of the time and tools needed for this Paleo bread recipe.

A Paleo Bread Recipe for Gluten-Free Rye Bread!

  1. Wellness Bakeries Paleo Rye Recipe: (dairy free) If you’ve not dabbled in baking bread often, taking on a rye bread recipe with its seeds and various flours is intimidating, even before adapting to a Paleo recipe!Luckily at Wellness Bakeries, they have the bread blend under control with their foolproof Better Bread Mix. With a balance of almond and coconut flour, this mix maintains the fullness of bread without falling flat or spiking your blood sugar. Plus, it’s a cinch to make and extremely adaptable to various recipes, such as this Paleo-friendly “rye” blend.They took on the challenge of finding just the right harmony between bitter and sweet, and succeeded beyond expectation. The result is a minimal mix of chicory, cocoa, and molasses on one side of the spectrum, and caraway to round it out and rye it up!  Each portion will boost your sandwich by 5 grams of protein but only cost you 5 grams of carbohydrates. Check out their Paleo thousand island dressing and you’ll be Rachel or Reuben-ing in no time!

A perfect Paleo bread recipe for gluten-free Sweet Potato Bread!

  1. Sweet Potato Bread (grain free, starch free, dairy free, nut free) We could go down a whole other path with the sweeter versions of our bread loves, but we’ll save that for another list. To hold you over, we had to include this starch free option that might quickly replace our pumpkin bread during the fall season. This Paleo bread recipe is so minimal and easy that the hardest part is waiting on the sweet potato to cool before baking with it! We had to research a little as to what “300 grams of Sweet Potato flesh” would look like in terms of our shopping list. It’s about one whole medium sweet potato, skin off, but using a scale will yield a more accurate result.
  2. A Challah to Master (grain free, *uses yeast and butter) We couldn’t write a list as an ode to bread without featuring one of the most historical (and delicious) loaves. Challah is the sweet, stretchy dough with a composition nearly impossible to recreate when you’re baking gluten free (and even more challenging when grain-free!). However, if you’re a regular Challah avoider, it might be worth your energy to try this Paleo bread recipe as a new Shabbat addition. Since gluten-free dough doesn’t quite braid, you’ll want to invest in a challah mold pan. This recipe requires additional time to let the dough rise, so budget that in your day if you get to baking.
  3. Quick Make Challah If you’re running behind in your week or going to a neighbor’s for their High Holiday dinner, this recipe is a great, easy take that you can whip up just before heading out. Again, since grain-free dough doesn’t quite braid, you’ll want to use a mold to get that challah look. This will taste a little more like a cake than the fluffy bread you’re familiar with, but it’s delicious nonetheless!

A special note: Many Paleo bread recipes call for a smaller-than-standard loaf pan (like a “Magic Line Pan”) to achieve the height that’s often lacking in grain-free breads. To avoid harmful PFOAs (which act as endocrine disruptors), we like to use the Kitchen Supply 7.5 x 3.75 pan made of aluminum, lined with If You Care unbleached parchment paper.

Do you have a favorite Paleo Bread recipe? We’d love for you to share it in the comment section below!