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Walnuts: Benefit Heart Health in Diabetes

The press continues to mount on the heart-healthy benefits of walnuts. And new research confirms … [Read more...]

Vinegar for Blood Sugar Balance

Want to balance your blood sugar? Use more vinegar! Vinegar for Blood Sugar: A Tasty Trick for … [Read more...]

The Link Between High Blood Sugar and Colon Cancer

Do you have high blood sugar? If so, you're increasing your risk for a number of chronic diseases - … [Read more...]

Olive Oil: Just a Drizzle to Fight Diabetes

Do you savor golden-green olive oil, drizzled over vine-ripe tomatoes, roasted veggies and colorful … [Read more...]

Obesity & Diabetes: The Leptin Link

New findings may help to better explain the link between obesity and diabetes. And the link lies in … [Read more...]

Magnesium: Reduces Metabolic Syndrome Risk

Noshing on nuts and other magnesium-rich foods may help to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, … [Read more...]

How Low Glycemic Foods Guard Against Diabetes

Need a good reason to adopt a low glycemic diet? How about preventing and reversing … [Read more...]

EPA/DHA Omega-3: Healthy Fats Benefit Diabetes

Recent research shows diets rich in omega-3 fats from fish—including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and … [Read more...]

The Diabetes Heart Disease Link

Did you know that diabetes and heart disease are linked? In fact, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Depression

Is there a link between diabetes and depression? Recent research shows that if you have diabetes, … [Read more...]

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