Want to balance your blood sugar? Use more vinegar!

Vinegar for Blood Sugar: A Tasty Trick for Better Balance

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition investigated the ability of vinegar to reduce the glycemic index and insulin response to a carb-rich meal.

Twelve healthy volunteers were given three different concentrations of vinegar with a meal containing 50 grams of available carbohydrates. During the next two hours, their glucose, insulin and feelings of fullness were measured.

The study found that the vinegar reduced blood sugar and insulin levels and also increased satiety. The researchers also found that those who consumed the most vinegar experienced the lowest rise in blood sugar and insulin and felt satisfied the longest.

Reduce Blood Sugar for a Longer, Healthier Life

Want to try vinegar for blood sugar? Drizzle your favorite vinegar (try organic raw apple cider vinegar, coconut vinegar or balsamic vinegar) over salads or higher carb foods to help stabilize blood sugar and quell appetite.

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