Sugar Free Moscow Mule (in Your Pressure Cooker!)

If you've set foot in a 'drinking establishment' in recent years, there is a good chance you've enjoyed a Moscow Mule. Or at least you've seen someone imbibing from a signature copper mug. Considering the popularity of the concoction - a sweet and spicy mixture of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice - it might come as a surprise that the "Mule" was originally developed in the 1940s as an attempt … [Read more...]

Sweeten Safely With Sugar Alcohols

The name of these all-natural good-for-you sweeteners is as confusing as their sugary taste. Sugar alcohols or “polyols” are not sugars...or alcohol. But their amazing no or low-calorie natural, sweetening properties just might leave you a bit giddy. Erythritol: The "King" of Sugar Alcohols Found naturally in foods, sugar alcohols are a group of low-digestible carbohydrates used in a wide … [Read more...]

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