If you’re keen on getting svelte (or just dropping a few pounds), you may want to stock up on fish, new research suggests.

Fish and Weight Loss: Lose Fat, Reduce BMI and Optimize Your Omegas

A study published in Clinical Endocrinology examined how specific fatty acids in muscle cells influence the body’s response to insulin and weight loss.

During the study, 21 obese participants ate a diet that emphasized lean fish—not fatty fish or fish oil supplements. At the end of the study the participants lost an average of 11.2 pounds and reduced their body mass index (BMI) by 4.3%. They also saw a reduction in their level of saturated fat by 11%, and an increase in omega-6 by 4% and omega-3 by 51% (mostly due to a 75% boost in one particular fatty acid, DHA). 

Fish and Weight Loss: All Fish Are Not Created Equal

While wild salmon (a fatty fish) offers a boatload of health benefits, it’s great to know many lighter varieties of fish are great for you, too. We love the sustainable, wild varieties available at your local market including flash-frozen mahi-mahi, Alaskan black cod, and Pacific halibut. They’re easy to make, economical and satisfying.

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