Best Brand: Mediterranean Organic Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes add bold, smoky flavor to a wide variety of foods - from pizzas and pastas... to salads, soups, sauces and dressings. And while this flavor-packed ingredient may seem a bit pricey (up to $20/lb), it doesn't take many to give your favorite dishes more depth and gourmet flavor. But as is the case with most foods... all sun-dried tomatoes are not created equal. Sun-Dried … [Read more...]

How to Make Homemade Fruit and Vegetable Wash

You probably know that washing fruits and vegetables is important for your health. Not only does it remove dirt and germs (from the harvest and handling), but it can help remove wax coatings and pesticide residue too. Think a quick rinse under running water will do the trick? Not so fast. Very little residue is removed with water alone, leaving waxy film and contaminants behind. While … [Read more...]

Are Your Cranberries Contaminated with THESE?

Turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie... and cranberries. Thanksgiving just wouldn't be complete without a dose of these tart little fruits. In fact, each year, approximately 80 million pounds of cranberries are enjoyed during Thanksgiving week alone, starring in everything from fruit salads and festive cocktails to baked dishes and desserts. And cranberries are loaded with health benefits. … [Read more...]

Organic Foods: Are they a Waste of Money?

The fact that you're reading this suggests that you care about protecting your health and that of your family. It says that you care about the foods you consume and the ingredients within them. In fact, you probably believe that organic meat and produce are healthier and safer than those that are raised and grown conventionally. But as sensible as these ideas are, they are actually a threat to … [Read more...]

Protect Your Kids from Pesticides (Three Steps)

If you're concerned about toxic pesticides on your produce, you're not alone. More and more of us are choosing organic foods to help reduce our exposure to harmful substances. Pesticides, herbicides and other biocides can be harmful even in minute concentrations. And the effects add up over time. These chemicals can have a range of negative health consequences for adults. But they are an … [Read more...]

The Dirty Dozen

Evidence continues to mount on the many ways in which small doses of pesticides adversely affect health-especially during critical periods of fetal development and childhood. Because pesticides aren't listed on labels like trans fat and artificial colors, the best way to avoid these environmental contaminants is to choose organic foods. (Learn about the ways you can protect your kids from … [Read more...]

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