Whole Foods: Your Best Bet for Health

Whole foods are foods in their most natural, unaltered forms—just the way nature intended. Wholesome and free from processing or adulterating, whole foods were custom designed by Mother Nature to fuel our bodies with a wide array of nutrients and enzymes that sustain life and protect against disease. Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans—these foods look very much on our plate as … [Read more...]

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Last week one of our loyal readers, Karen M., wrote to Healing Gourmet with a question we hear quite often : “Eating healthy seems to be so expensive. I know what’s good, but I go to the store with a budget and end up bringing home a lot of junk because it’s cheaper. Do you have any tips for how my family and I can eat healthy on a budget?” With food prices rising across the board, we all want … [Read more...]

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