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Instant Pot Loaded Cauliflower Soup (Dairy Free Option)

This warm and creamy chowder soup, topped with crisp bacon, sharp chives and melted cheese is like a … [Read more...]

Instant Pot Keto Thai Salmon Curry

With bold, complex flavors, and a creamy, umami broth, a good Thai curry will leave you feeling both … [Read more...]

Instant Pot Bolognese (Keto + Paleo Friendly)

Do you love the rich and hearty, classic Italian meat sauce, known as Bolognese? If so, you probably … [Read more...]

Instant Pot Mexican Pork Stew (Low Carb, Keto-Friendly)

We had our first real snowfall here in Eden, Utah yesterday. But unlike most powder-dry Utah snow – … [Read more...]

Truffle Keto Cheesecake (Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Grain-Free)

Are you looking for a decadent, keto cheesecake that’s free from grains, dairy and eggs… but rich in … [Read more...]

Instant Pot Egg Bites

I finally discovered why everyone is raving about Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites. While I … [Read more...]

Authentic Instant Pot Cochinita Pibil

On a recent trip to our favorite upscale Mexican restaurant, I discovered a traditional dish I had … [Read more...]

Rich & Creamy Instant Pot Almond Milk (in 20 Minutes!)

In the early 2000s, most people had never heard of almond milk and sales of the product were … [Read more...]

Instant Pot Pork Belly Recipe

Pork belly might be the world’s most popular and beloved food. It’s considered a delicacy in dozens … [Read more...]

Keto Croutons & Breadcrumbs with Just Six Ingredients

Want to learn to make quick-and-easy keto croutons in just a few minutes time for just $3? Keep … [Read more...]

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