8 Foods That Fight Depression

A recent headline on the cover of Parade magazine caught my eye. It said, "Top Doctors Solve Your Medical Problems". One of the problems they claimed to have a "solution" for was depression. So I turned the page to find out what it was. I was hoping to read about the vital links between food and mood, and the foods that fight depression. But there wasn't a single word about the nutrients … [Read more...]

The Link Between Selenium and Depression (And The Simple Solution)

Feeling a little low? Blame it on depleted soil. Selenium and Depression: The Missing Mineral for Mood As depression rates continue to rise, soil levels of selenium are plummeting. Because the selenium content of food depends on the soil in which they were grown, our food supply is coming up short to deliver this critical nutrient. An article published in the journal Medical Hypotheses … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Selenium Deficiency

If you've been feeling a little low, suffering from a sluggish thyroid or having trouble conceiving... it could be because of the soil our food is grown in. Reliance on chemical fertilizers and improper farming practices over the last 50 years have depleted our soil of a vital micronutrient - selenium. And because crops convert selenium into organic forms that can be absorbed by the human … [Read more...]

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