The Link Between Selenium and Depression (And The Simple Solution)

Feeling a little low? Blame it on depleted soil. Selenium and Depression: The Missing Mineral for Mood As depression rates continue to rise, soil levels of selenium are plummeting. Because the selenium content of food depends on the soil in which they were grown, our food supply is coming up short to deliver this critical nutrient. An article published in the journal Medical Hypotheses … [Read more...]

Saffron for Depression (Beats Prozac in Clinical Trials)

The gentle waft of simmering bouillabaisse certainly can bring a smile to your face. But the delightful aroma and taste isn’t the only reason this dish can make you feel happy. In fact, one key ingredient could have as much mood-boosting benefits as a common anti-depressant. Earlier research pointed to saffron, an ingredient in bouillabaisse, as a potential mood-booster. And new research … [Read more...]

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