Is This Deficiency Giving You The Blues?

Why can’t you just be happy? Stop dwelling on things and get on with life. Be grateful for what you have. Exercise more. Watch some comedy. These might be great ideas for beating the blues. But for some, it’s not that simple. Imagine for a moment that your body wasn’t making enough red blood cells. Would you try to meditate those cells into existence? Probably not. It would be more … [Read more...]

Brain Allergies: Can Gluten Make You Depressed?

Most of us know that indulging in a diet of processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugar is a recipe for a low mood. But what many people don't know is that whole grains - touted as the "staff of life" - can also cause mood and behavior problems. And the reason? Brain allergies, often caused by gluten. When you think of food allergies, you might think of rashes and abdominal discomfort. But … [Read more...]

8 Foods That Fight Depression

A recent headline on the cover of Parade magazine caught my eye. It said, "Top Doctors Solve Your Medical Problems". One of the problems they claimed to have a "solution" for was depression. So I turned the page to find out what it was. I was hoping to read about the vital links between food and mood, and the foods that fight depression. But there wasn't a single word about the nutrients … [Read more...]

Probiotics for Depression – A Natural Mood Booster

Can bad bugs in your gut cause depression and anxiety? New research published in Gut Pathogens found that they do. It is widely known that probiotics (or “good bacteria”) help maintain the healthy gut flora beneficial to wellness. In fact, numerous studies show that probiotics improve digestion and improve immune function. Now we know they do something else: Boost the feel-good neurotransmitter … [Read more...]

The Link Between Selenium and Depression (And The Simple Solution)

Feeling a little low? Blame it on depleted soil. Selenium and Depression: The Missing Mineral for Mood As depression rates continue to rise, soil levels of selenium are plummeting. Because the selenium content of food depends on the soil in which they were grown, our food supply is coming up short to deliver this critical nutrient. An article published in the journal Medical Hypotheses … [Read more...]

Saffron for Depression (Beats Prozac in Clinical Trials)

The gentle waft of simmering bouillabaisse certainly can bring a smile to your face. But the delightful aroma and taste isn’t the only reason this dish can make you feel happy. In fact, one key ingredient could have as much mood-boosting benefits as a common anti-depressant. Earlier research pointed to saffron, an ingredient in bouillabaisse, as a potential mood-booster. And new research … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Depression

Is there a link between diabetes and depression? Recent research shows that if you have diabetes, you are nearly twice as likely to be depressed. Diabetes and Depression: A Two-Way Relationship But researchers have found the link goes both ways: People between the ages of 20 and 50 who have been depressed are more susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes. A recent study published in … [Read more...]

Are Brain Allergies Causing Your Depression?

You’re eating right, taking probiotics, and getting plenty sunshine and exercise. But you still feel depressed. The reason: The “healthy” foods you’re eating might be biting you back! While most of us know that processed foods, bad fats and sugar are a recipe for poor health, we don’t consider that “healthy” foods like whole grains, legumes, dairy, eggs and even fruits and veggies can cause … [Read more...]

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