Feel Happier and Be Healthier with CHOCOLATE!

If a simple square of rich, luxurious chocolate seems to brighten your mood, there's a good reason for it... Cocoa is packed with compounds which have been shown to promote feelings of euphoria and diminish anxiety. Chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins - the hormones that your own brain produces when it senses happiness. It's no wonder that chocolate has been enjoyed for … [Read more...]

Flavorful Flavonoids Reduce Inflammation

The sharp bite of that red onion on your Fig, Arugula & Red Onion Salad... the body and finish of your favorite Pinot Noir...and the cleansing astringent nature of your soothing cup of green tea oddly have something in common -flavonoids. Flavonoids Reduce Inflammation This vast group of compounds, each with distinctive flavor and function, have been studied extensively for their … [Read more...]

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