The Dessert-Like Treat That Works Better Than Diabetes Drugs to Control Blood Sugar

More than 29 million Americans are currently diagnosed with diabetes. An additional eight million are undiagnosed. And an estimated 86 million display symptoms of “pre-diabetes." It's no wonder that an estimated $176 billion is spent each year on diabetes medications and care alone. Billions more are spent on medical devices and so-called “diabetic-safe” industrial foods, many of which actually … [Read more...]

How Healthy Is Your Protein Powder?

If you have been following the Healing Gourmet lifestyle for a while, you know that the basic diet we recommend is one that is low-glycemic and rich in protein and healthy fats. This is a diet that supports your overall health and helps keep your blood sugar stable. It keeps your hunger in check. It is also the best way I know to reach your ideal weight. And I recently read yet another study … [Read more...]

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