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Help your readers achieve optimal health, reach their ideal weight, and find lasting success
on the ketogenic diet – while still enjoying ALL their favorite comfort foods!

Product Highlights & Target Audience

The market for keto-related products is on fire! And this proven, top-selling offer capitalizes on what people miss most on keto – BREAD!

Keto Breads is a physical book with nearly 40 meticulously-tested, grain-free and low-carb bread recipes, which taste just like the real thing! Also included is an extensive introduction, with detailed how-to instructions to make things easy for your customer.

High-quality product – combined with attentive customer service means low refunds and higher commissions. Our high-converting sales page is rich with educational content. Plus, three valuable upsells generate substantial average order value.

  • Customer avatar: The keto market is large and highly motivated. The ideal audience for Keto Breads is health-conscious women and men age 40+ with an interest in nutrition, health, fitness… and, of course, delicious bread! Easy recipes appeal to experienced home chefs and kitchen novices alike.
  • Interests & Keywords: Keto diet, Paleo diet, weight loss, gluten free, grain free, low carb, disease prevention, inflammation, gut health, baking, recipes, home cooking.
  • Complete Nutrition Info & Macros: Every recipe includes full nutrition data and macronutrient ratios, so your customers can enjoy with 100% keto confidence!
  • Beautiful Color Photos: Every recipe was formulated, tested and photographed in our test kitchen. No stock photos! That means your customers can expect the same beautiful and delicious results!

Key Marketing Metrics

Top-Dollar-Payouts: 75% – 90% commissions (contact us for upgraded commission tiers)
Sales Page Conversion Rate: 4.5% of visitors converted to sales
Order Form Conversion Rate: 25% of order form clickers converted to sales
Earnings Per Click: $1+ (with high email clickthrough rates)
Average Order Value: $35

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Top-Performing Emails

#1 Greatest Danger in Your Diet is...

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Curiosity-based email focused on a compound in bread (not gluten) that is toxic to the body and makes it nearly impossible to burn fat.

Avoid Bread Except THIS Unique Bread

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You don’t have to give up your favorite breads to follow a healthy, low-carb or ketogenic diet. You just have to choose healthy bread!

Boost Immunity with this Forbidden Food

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Email focused on boosting immunity by making wise decisions about the foods you choose (and choose not) to eat.

Burn off the “Quarantine 15” with this Delicious Bread

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A WebMD survey shows 50% of those polled gained weight during “quarantine”. This topical email is focused on burning off the extra pounds… while still enjoying delicious bread!

Delicious Bread – No Longer Off Limits on Keto

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“Cut the Carbs” is the 1st Commandment on Keto. Fortunately, that does NOT mean giving up your favorite breads!

Eat Muffins & Bread… and Still Lose Weight!

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Focused on the delicious recipes in Keto Breads and how you can eat your favorite comfort foods… AND still experience better health and faster fat loss.

Love Bread… But Not the Carbs?

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Discover how you can “bake your way to better health” – PLUS dozens of healthy bread makeovers you must see – and taste – to believe!

The Food Causing “Silent Damage” to Your Gut

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Focused on a common (and deadly) bread myth may be damaging your gut.

What “Healthy” Bread Can Do to Your Body :)

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Curiosity-based email focused on a compound found in bread that acts like a drug – and creates a repetitive cycle of cravings… for more bread!

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