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Does Eating Protein Burn Fat?

by Kelley Herring on February 11, 2013

While losing weight isn’t the easiest task for some, the equation is pretty simple: To drop pounds, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Can Protein Burn Fat?

Now what if I told you that certain foods come with their own built-in fat-burning mechanism? Well, it’s true. These foods are thermogenic – meaning they produce heat and burn calories. Diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT) is the latest promising trend in weight loss.

A recent study published in Metabolism evaluated the effects of a fat-rich meal and a protein-rich meal on lean and obese women. The meals contained the same number of calories and had the same volume.

The researchers found that diet-induced thermogenesis was significantly higher in all the women, by almost threefold, after the consumption of the protein-rich meal in comparison with the fat-rich meal.

Rev Up Your Metabolism with Protein

Get more fat-burning power in your diet by eating lean protein at every meal. And be sure to choose protein-rich snacks like sardines and mackerel, almonds, and boiled eggs to rev up your metabolism and stave off hunger.



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Kelley Herring, founder of Healing Gourmet, is a natural nutrition enthusiast with a background in biochemistry. Her passion is educating on how foods promote health and protect against disease and creating simple and delicious recipes for vibrant health and enjoyment.

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Tentolouris N, Pavlatos S, Kokkinos A, Perrea D, Pagoni S, Katsilambros N. Diet-induced thermogenesis and substrate oxidation are not different between lean and obese women after two different isocaloric meals, one rich in protein and one rich in fat. Metabolism. 2008 Mar;57(3):313-20.

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