Could the "Healthy" Bread You Love Cause Your BODY to Turn against YOU? 

Discover How Grains and Gluten Could be Harming your Health 

PLUS: How to put REAL Bread Back on Your Table Today… Without Worrying about Your Health, Your Blood Sugar… or Your Waistline!


Bread is the world’s most beloved comfort food… 

Nearly every country and culture on Earth has some kind of bread in their cuisine. 

So, it’s no surprise that wheat is the leading source of calories in the world diet

But there is strong evidence to suggest that the bread we love – and the wheat it is made from – could also be the number one cause of disability and disease in our society. 

In fact, well-known cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, calls wheat “the perfect chronic poison.” 

And for a poison, we sure eat lots of it! 

The average American consumes 55 pounds of wheat flour every year. Functional nutrition expert, Chris Kresser, describes this as “a public health catastrophe.” 

And it’s one you have likely experienced firsthand…  

Are Any Of These Symptoms Familiar to You?

Brain fog… fatigue… blood sugar swings… weight gain… achy joints… headaches… depression… anxiety… sinus infections… digestive problems.

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms… you’re not alone. 

Eating traditional bread can elicit a range of symptoms. It might make you feel sluggish and foggy headed. It can stoke the dangerous flames of inflammation – known as the “silent killer”. 

Or cause you to gain unsightly fat on your belly, butt and thighs… while packing deadly visceral fat around your internal organs. 

In fact, millions of people (possibly even you) are living with the health-harming consequences of consuming wheat and either have no idea what’s wrong… or have learned to live with the symptoms as if they are “normal”. 

Before I tell you more…  

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My name is Kelley Herring

I’m the author of more than a dozen books on the role your diet plays in your risk for disease – and how the right foods can help you achieve your best health.  

I’m also the founder of Healing Gourmet, the co-founder of Wellness Bakeries, and the creator of Meal Genius – a completely personalized meal planning program that makes following special diets easy. 

I also suffer from autoimmune disease and food intolerances.

For years, I experienced a litany of “strange” symptoms – despite eating a “healthy” diet, exercising consistently and maintaining a healthy weight. 


Through testing and elimination diets, I discovered my body was reacting to many of the common “staple” foods found in the American diet. That’s why I created an invaluable free guide called:  

The TRUTH About Bread

Inside, you will discover the surprising research that shows how the world’s favorite comfort food can sap your energy and damage your health, including:

  • Which type of bread that just TWO SLICES can spike blood sugar more than drinking a can of soda or eating a candy bar, according the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (see p. 4) 
  • Why the so-called “healthier” and “more digestible” form of bread – found in the freezer section of your local grocer – actually contains the HIGHEST levels of wheat’s MOST dangerous compound (wheat germ agglutinin or WGA). 
  • Don’t think gluten is a problem for you? The New England Journal of Medicine lists 55 conditions which can be caused by gluten – from “benign” mouth sores… to malignant cancer.  
  • The ONE disease-promoting process gluten does to EVERYONE who consumes it – even if you’re not gluten sensitive or have Celiac. (This is REALLY important because this tiny change can set the stage for chronic inflammation and skyrocket risk for autoimmune disease (See p. 6) 
  • The unique compound in wheat that’s a “dead ringer” for insulin – the fat storage hormone. The American Journal of Physiology found this compound binds to insulin receptors… and blocks your ability to burn stored fat! (See p. 7) 
  • The little-known “silent condition” caused by wheat – and missed by most doctors – that increases risk for mood and neurological disorders… joint, muscle and bone pain… skin problems… allergies… and autoimmune disease. (See p. 10)  

And if you think gluten-free breads are a safe alternative…  

Think again!  

In fact, one of the most common ingredients in gluten-free breads can spike your blood sugar more than wheat… AND contain 90 TIMES more arsenic than what’s allowed in drinking water (Discover the toxic gluten-free ingredient to avoid on p. 14)  

But just because traditional bread – and most “gluten-free” varieties – should be off the menu…  

That does NOT mean you can never enjoy bread again, because you can still…  

Have Your Bread… AND Be Well Too™!

If all this bread bashing has caused you to swear off buns, biscuits and baguettes forever, I understand. 

After all, nothing is more important than your health! 

But it’d be a shame if you had to miss out on these simple (and delicious) pleasures forever. The GREAT NEWS is you don’t have to! 

You don’t have to give up your enjoyment of fresh-baked bread

In fact, when you know how to use the right functional ingredients in the proper ratios you can enjoy all the delicious breads you want – without the harmful effects of grains, gluten and excess carbs.

That’s why in addition to the valuable information you’ll receive in this fully-referenced health guide – The Truth About Bread – you will also discover:  

Four Delicious Gluten-Free, Paleo & Ketogenic Bread Recipes You Can Start Enjoying Today (Using a Few Simple Ingredients You Probably Already Have in Your Kitchen!)

What if you could enjoy REAL bread again – without worrying about your health or your weight? 

What if you could sink your teeth into a sandwich thick enough to make Dagwood proud… a chewy bagel…. or a crusty piece of fresh-baked focaccia… 

And what if these delicious real-food breads are also: 

  • 100% Grain Free
  • Rich in Healthy Fats and 
  • VERY Low in Carbs 

With bread like that you won’t feel the need to “cheat” on your healthy diet… In fact, being able to enjoy HEALTHY BREAD will help you stick to your best intentions!  

And I am NOT talking about second-rate imitations that don’t measure up to the real thing.  

I mean divinely delicious bread – so good it could be served in a restaurant – and with the same taste and fresh-baked aroma you know and love. 

In this free guide, you’ll discover how to make: 

Golden Italian Focaccia with Rosemary & Sea Salt

This super-simple, grain-free recipe requires only four ingredients, takes five minutes of prep time – and contains merely one net carb per savory and delicious serving! (See p. 22 for the recipe)

“Secret Ingredient” Herbed Dinner Rolls

With a toothsome texture and those classic nooks-and-crannies, these authentic bagels contain 17 g of protein and are perfect for spreading with cream cheese or piling with meats for a deli-style bagel sandwich.

Magically-Chewy New-York Style Bagels: 

With a toothsome texture and those classic nooks-and-crannies, these authentic bagels contain 17 g of protein and are perfect for spreading with cream cheese or piling with meats for a deli-style bagel sandwich.

Stuffable & Sturdy Pita Pockets

You can whip up this simple dough in just five minutes, and have fresh pitas on the table in 20! Whether you crave a toasted pita for dipping middle eastern baba ganoush or for stuffing with your favorite low-carb chicken salad, these sturdy pitas fit the bill! (See p. 28) 

These recipes are the result of more than a decade of dedicated efforts in our test kitchen. And each one uses functional ingredients that actually protect – not wreck – your health.

These breads are truly metabolic power foods that can promote healthy blood sugar and help you sculpt a lean physique… instead of puffing up your muffin top!

And yet they are so authentically delicious, you’ll never miss the grain and carb-filled bread you used to eat.  

These truly healthy creations taste JUST LIKE the real thing! 

 “After I Baked My First Loaf, I Sat and Cried” - Brenda B.

We’ve received thousands of emails from customers over the last 10 years about how these bread recipes have changed their life. 

Here’s what some of our readers have to say about our easy grain-free and ketogenic bread recipes…  

“I have been allergic to milk, corn and wheat for years. There was no bread I could eat without swelling my abdomen! And yet everyone I know was eating bread, bread, bread!  

I actually asked my Heavenly Father to give me some bread, so I too could enjoy a sandwich! Not long after, I discovered your website and the breads you’ve created! Could this be true?  

After I baked my first, I sat and cried. NOW I HAD BREAD FOR A SANDWICH THAT WOULD NOT MAKE ME SICK! The second blessing was that this BREAD DID NOT RAISE MY BLOOD SUGAR! It just doesn't get much better! Thank you for caring enough to perfect these recipes for folks like me who have REAL NEEDS!! I am one happy camper!!”  

Brenda B. April 18, 2014  

“Searching for no-grain breads to help manage my blood sugar, I found your recipes. As a recently-widowed senior and non-baker, I was pleasantly surprised to produce six loaves with no trouble. I look forward to baking and enjoying my next batch.”

Steve S. May 6, 2018  

“Before I found your site I was making Gluten-free bread. To my dismay, my blood sugar skyrocketed, my bowels were in agony and my blood pressure was off the charts. The biggest shock was learning that many gluten-free recipes are worse than regular bread!!  

I perused over 50 cookbooks at the library on gluten-free and they are parroting one another, no scientific basis for their health giving properties. Of course, the upside of all this was finding you!”  

LuSinda D. June 6, 2018 

What are you waiting for?Grab your free copy of The Truth about Bread TODAY!


To Your Health, 

Kelley Herring, CEO & Editor-in-Chief Healing Gourmet