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tropical fruits

Heart of Palm

Hearts of palm are the edible inner portion of the stem of the cabbage palm (Euterpe oleracea) - the … [Read more...]


Pineapples are a tropical fruit and a native to South America. Brought to Hawaii in the 1700s, … [Read more...]


Cultivated in India for several thousand years, mangoes come in hundreds of varieties. With a … [Read more...]


Papayas are tropical fruits thought to be native to the Americas. The center of the fruit is … [Read more...]


Kiwi fruit is native to eastern Asia where several species of Actinidia grow wild. In the 20th … [Read more...]


Guavas are tropical fruits and are believed to have been first cultivated in Peru. The color of a … [Read more...]


Native to the tropics and subtropics, avocados are a unique fruit and concentrated source of … [Read more...]


Bananas were one of the first fruits to be cultivated by man and have the number one vote as … [Read more...]

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