healthy sauces

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce is popular throughout Southeast Asia, and is made from various mixtures based on the liquid from salted, fermented fish. Extremely pungent and strong-flavored, fish sauce can range in color from ochre to deep brown.  Fish sauce is used as a condiment and flavoring, similar to the way soy sauce is used. Traditional varieties of fish sauce include: nam pla (Thai), nuoc nam  … [Read more...]


In simple terms, sauce is a flavored, thickened liquid designed to accompany food and enhance its flavor. As many things culinary, the French are credited to have created the "sauce" . In the 19th century, Chef Antonin Carême devised a method that classified hundreds of sauces into one of five "mother sauces". The "mother sauces" include: espagnole - a brown stock-based sauce; veloute - a light … [Read more...]


Soy sauce - a staple in Asian cooking - is a made by fermenting boiled soybeans and roasted barley or wheat. While there is essentially one main type of soy sauce produced in the United States, China and Japan produce a number of varieties with a diverse range in color and flavor. Light soy sauce is thinner and saltier than dark soy sauce. Japanese tamari is thick, rich and extremely … [Read more...]


Ketchup, or catsup, is a thick, spicy sauce is a traditional American accompaniment for French fries, hamburgers and many other foods. While the primary ingredient in the ketchup we know is tomatoes, this popular sauce is believed to have originated from a spicy pickled-fish condiment popular in 17th-century China. Because tomatoes are a heavily pesticided crop, it is important to choose … [Read more...]


The mustard plant belongs to the same cancer-fighting family as broccoli-Cruciferous family. Through the centuries mustard has been used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes, most notably because of its beneficial effects on the respiratory system. Two major types of mustard seed are used — white (or yellow ) and brown (or Asian ). Mustard seeds are sold whole, ground into powder or … [Read more...]

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