A robust Cabernet sauvignon or a sweet and foxy muscadine wine may be better beverage options when it comes to your immune system, new research suggests.

Scientists at the University of Florida evaluated the effects of different types of alcohol on immunity. In the eight-week study, mice were divided into four groups of drinkers: teetotalers (drinking water only); cabernet sauvignon wine drinkers; muscadine wine drinkers; and ethanol drinkers (receiving alcohol in concentrations equivalent to that in the wine).

The mice were given the equivalent of two or three glasses, or servings, of wine or alcohol each day (Can you imagine? Tipsy mice!).

Red Wine Boosts The Immune System and Increases Antioxidant Protection

While the mice that were drinking ethanol experienced a suppressed immune response, the mice that drank either of the red wine varietals maintained normal immunity. What’s more, the red wine-sipping mice had double the antioxidant capacity of the animals that drank ethanol or water.  Researchers then made the mice mildly ill to determine how the alcohol would affect their immune responses.

If you choose to imbibe, opt for immune-friendly, rich, organic red wines packed with antioxidants. Cheers!