pork chop


Pork is separated into two varieties - fresh and cured. Cured pork includes bacon, ham and pork-based lunchmeats and hot dogs - all of which are traditionally preserved with sodium nitriteĀ -a known carcinogen. Thanks to Niman Ranch and Maverick Ranch, all-natural, nitrite-free products are now available nationwide. When choosing pork products, look for meat from organically raised pigs that … [Read more...]


Bacon is "side pork" - the side of a pig - that has been cured and smoked. Sliced bacon has been trimmed of its rind, sliced and packaged. Slab bacon comes in one chunk that must be sliced and is somewhat cheaper than pre-sliced bacon. "Conventional" bacon is a processed meat which is high in sodium and contains harmful preservatives such as sodium nitrites. If you choose to eat bacon, look for … [Read more...]

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