If you ask people what they miss the most when adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, bread and pasta might top the list. But the “irreplaceable” wrap would certainly be a contender.

However you chose to use it, from breakfast burritos to chicken salad or the classic quesadilla, when you’re a wrap lover, going gluten-free can make you feel like you’re missing out.

And opting for corn-based or other grain-based wraps aren’t the best options either. Corn tortillas are often made from genetically modified sources. And rice flour is often contaminated with arsenic. Not to mention, that these alternatives are loaded with carbohydrates which can spike blood sugar levels and promote inflammation.

And if these health considerations are not enough to deter you, most gluten-free and grain-free wraps just don’t “hold up” as well as the traditional. One bite and they often fall apart.

Paleo Wraps: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?Paleo Wraps Turmeric

Whether you’re watching your waistline or looking for a quick lunch, wraps can be a great alternative to a loaf of bread. And while we love lettuce wraps for their crispy crunch (and lack of calories and carbs!), they just don’t seem like a fair replacement to the chewy, hearty tortilla.

This lead us on a mission to find a grain-free wrap that tastes as good (and holds up as well) as the original, but without the unnecessary carbohydrates and unhealthy ingredients.

Enter Paleo Wraps made by Julian Bakery.

These grain-free wraps are made from just three non-GMO ingredients: coconut meat, coconut water and coconut oil. With just four net carbs per serving, this low-glycemic blend won’t spike your blood sugar like a grain-based alternative might. Another plus: The coconut components provide metabolism-boosting fats known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Not So Nuts for Coconuts?

Of course, you might assume that a wrap made entirely of coconut-based ingredients would taste fresh off the island and remind you of a piña colada. But that’s not the case with Paleo Wraps. They have a slightly sweet taste that complements just about anything you choose to stuff in them. And surprisingly, there’s hardly a hint of coconut.

And while we do enjoy their traditional version, we recommend trying their turmeric flavored wraps. These have a nice a balance of savory and sweet with some added health benefits. Turmeric is a superfood with a myriad of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects and adds a unique spin to your traditional fillings (Check out our Paleo Wraps with Curry Chicken Salad).

…And, That’s A Wrap!

Julian Bakery Paleo Wraps hold up against both hot and cold foods. And you can even lightly fry them in coconut oil for a crispier tortilla. As always, we recommend that you purchase pantry staples and non-perishable foods from our friends at Thrive Market. Not only do they have a selection of thousands of your favorite healthy foods… they also offer savings up to 50 percent off.

Better Breads - Paleo Wraps and More


And if you’re looking for a more “bready” option for wraps, tortillas and pitas, check out our best-selling book Better Breads. In this complete Paleo bread-baking program, you’ll discover how to make all of your favorite bread creations… without a gram of grain.