Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are a meaty-flavored mushroom that have been long prized by the Chinese for their culinary and medicinal value. Fresh shiitakes are delicious stir-fried, sauteed, or marinated and grilled. Dried shiitakes can be reconstituted by soaking in hot water for about 20 minutes. Shiitake mushrooms contain powerful cancer-fighting phytonutrients including lentinan (a beta-glucan) … [Read more...]

Crimini Mushrooms

Crimini mushrooms are the immature form of portabella mushrooms. With their coffee color, meaty texture and rich flavor, crimini mushrooms provide more nutrients than the more common white button mushroom. Crimini mushrooms are an excellent source of selenium and riboflavin and contain the phytonutrients beta-glucan and L-ergothioneine.   … [Read more...]

Portabella Mushrooms

Portobella also called portabello is actually a full grown brown crimini mushroom. Once the small brown crimini grows up to be about 4" - 6" in diameter it is deemed to be a portobella. In the U.S., portabellas have become ta popular "vegetarian meat". Grilled whole, these mushrooms make perfect meaty vegetarian burgers. They can also be stuffed and baked, or grilled and sliced over … [Read more...]

White Button Mushrooms

White button mushrooms are the most widely cultivated mushroom in the US. One of the less flavorful mushroom varietes, white buttons can be prepared in a myriad of ways to create distinct unique and healthy dishes. Recent research shows white button mushrooms contain the antioxidant ergothioneine and help to reduce aromatase activity in the body, which is linked with breast cancer. … [Read more...]

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms, also known as oyster caps, tree mushrooms, tree oyster mushrooms, summer oyster mushrooms, pleurotte and shimeji, are fan-shaped mushrooms that grow both wild and cultivated, usually on rotting tree trunks. The cap can vary in color from pale gray to dark brownish-gray with grayish-white stems. While raw oyster mushrooms have a robust and slightly peppery taste, cooking … [Read more...]


Mushrooms, a type of edible fungus, are consumed worldwide and often described as the “meat” of the vegetable kingdom. With thousands of varieties, these fleshy fungi range in color, shape and taste. They are rich in B vitamins and also provide a good source of selenium, copper, potassium and niacin. But mushrooms real healing power comes from potent phytonutrients including lentinan and … [Read more...]

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