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Low Calorie Recipes… That are High in Nutrients and Flavor

Most experts agree that getting a handle on your calorie intake and portion sizes is important for weight loss and long term health.

But this might surprise you: When it comes to calories, less doesn’t necessarily mean better.

One of the biggest mistakes so called health experts have made through the years is telling us that all calories are created equal.  But all calories are NOT created equal!

Plenty of “empty calorie” foods like rice cakes, “veggie chips”, graham crackers and popcorn are touted as healthy low calorie foods that promise to get your weight in check.  But the truth is, these foods do anything but.

Low Calorie Health Food Imposters

That’s because these low calorie health masqueraders:

  • Lack the fullness factor – filling you up just long enough that you have time to walk back to the kitchen to eat more
  • Spike blood sugar – encouraging insulin resistance and the storage of fat, and  fueling the viscous hunger cycle
  • Contain little to NO nutrients – merely  empty calories, often supplemented with synthetic vitamins

Low Calorie Recipes with Benefits

At Healing Gourmet you won’t find any puffed, extruded, man-made low calorie recipes or snacks.We don’t believe in starvation, deprivation or the industrial food nation!

What we do believe is that optimum health and weight loss demand getting the most nutritional bang out of every bite. In our Low Calorie Recipes section you will find recipes that are light in calories (350 calories or less per serving), but heavy on nutrition. That’s because we rely on low-calorie superfoods like organic berries, wild seafood, grass-fed beef and cancer-fighting Cruciferous vegetables to create light recipes with big health benefits.

To learn more about weight loss and programming your body to be a lean, mean, calorie-torching machine,check our our weight loss diet section.

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