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  •  Fewer harmful cooking by products 

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You Will Also Discover Just How Easy It Is to Use an Instant Pot Electronic Pressure Cooker (the #1 Kitchen Tool on Amazon) to:

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  • PLUS: Brussels sprouts and most veggies in less than five minutes!  
This Book Includes More Than 20 Time-Saving Recipes Including:


Creamy, tender and teeming with healthy spices, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Mumbai 


Juicy and tender, this classic Italian favorite is made with a quick mix, roll and stack (no –pre-frying required!) 


Creamy, tender, umami-packed with just the right amount of gingery sweetness (you may never do takeout again) 

Thai Fish Curry

Healing spices and creamy coconut milk mingle with wild fish for a gourmet meal on the table in 20 minutes! 

Coq au Vin (Chicken with Wine)

This cooked-all-day French classic of chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onions and red wine is fork tender in an hour! 

Paleo Faux Pho

Cardamon, lemongrass and cloves mingle with tender chicken and healing veggies in a comforting broth.