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Here at Healing Gourmet, you’ll find a wide variety of recipes  (over 1,000 in total!)  to suit your personal health needs, weight goals and taste preferences.

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The Perfect Healthy Recipe: Cook Your Way to a Better Body and Vibrant Long-Term Health

We’ve designed each and every recipe on our website to help balance blood sugar , reduce inflammation , boost antioxidants and health-promoting nutrients…  so that you get the most benefits in every bite.

From delicious Paleo recipes that will help you eat like our ancestors (and provide a wide variety of health benefits)… to low glycemic gluten free recipes (including gluten free muffins, gluten free breads and many more) … to recipes that meet special dietary needs like dairy free recipes,all natural sugar free recipes, low sodium recipes, Candida recipes, anti-cancer recipes, low carb recipes and diabetes recipes (to name a few).

You can also search for that perfect healthy recipe by your favorite food – like  healthy chicken recipes, healthy salmon recipes (always made with wild salmon, never farm raised), healthy beef recipes (go grass-fed!) and shrimp recipes – or by cuisine, like healthy Italian recipes , healthy Mexican recipes, healthy French recipes and even healthy Chinese recipes (that are healthier than takeout and taste better too!).

… And Don’t Forget About Dessert!

Of course, we can’t forget to mention all of the healthy dessert recipes you can discover here at Healing Gourmet!

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Surprise! These cupcakes have less sugar than a quarter of an apple! Learn why your blood sugar is vital to your long term health.

You’ll find lots of healthy chocolate recipes (including homemade candy recipes), as well as many simple and delicious gluten free cake recipes, gluten free cookie recipes, gluten free brownie recipes (topped with a scoop of low glycemic, dairy-free ice cream, if you please).

Who says eating healthy and preventing disease can’t be delicious?

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