Shiitake Mushrooms

shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are a meaty-flavored mushroom that have been long prized by the Chinese for their culinary and medicinal value.

Fresh shiitakes are delicious stir-fried, sauteed, or marinated and grilled. Dried shiitakes can be reconstituted by soaking in hot water for about 20 minutes.

Shiitake mushrooms contain powerful cancer-fighting phytonutrients including lentinan (a beta-glucan) and L-ergothioneine as well as ergosterol, which can be converted by sunlight into vitamin D.

Selecting and Storing Shiitake Mushrooms

Choose plump mushrooms with no signs of sliminess. Store fresh shiitake mushrooms in a paper bag in the crisper of the refrigerator. Store dried shiitake in a cool, dark place.

Preferences: No Fish, No Red Meat, No Pork, No Eggs, No Shellfish, No Gluten, No Nuts, No Seeds, No Soy, No Dairy, No Poultry, No Tubers, No Citrus, No Corn, No Yeast, No Peanuts, No Nightshade, No Legumes, No Grains,

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