Brussels sprouts

Developed in Belgium several hundred years ago, and named for the country’s capital, Brussles sprouts are cruciferous vegetables and offshoots of cabbage. Brussels sprouts are packed with disease-fighting nutrients including glucosinolates, indoles, vitamin C and fiber. Estimated Glycemic Load=3 … [Read more...]


A member of the lily family, the edible part of this ultimate "luxury" vegetable is actually the young underground sprout or shoot. But asparagus’s high-brow reputation isn’t just culinary, it is high-class in its nutritional attributes, as well. The National Cancer Institute has noted that asparagus is the food highest in glutathione—a powerful detoxifying enzyme, produced by the liver. … [Read more...]


Camu: A Superfruit Source of Vitamin C Are you looking for a safe and natural (not synthetic!) way to get your vitamin C? Look no further than camu. The camu-camu berry is a small, antioxidant-rich fruit that grows on a shrub (Myrciaria Dubia) found in the Amazonian rainforest.  And its the most potent known source of vitamin C in the world. In fact, camu-camu contains 30 to 60 times the … [Read more...]

Whey Protein

Whey is considered a superfood by doctors and fitness fanatics alike. And for good reason. Boost Your Antioxidants... AND Your Metabolism High in protein, whey is believed to be the most thermogenic food on the planet. It is also a great way to boost your body's production of glutathione - a natural detoxifier and anti-aging substance. Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled … [Read more...]


Garlic is considered by some to be the world's most healing food. Boasting more than 100 sulfur compounds, the unmistakable smell and flavor of garlic is due to a phytonutrient called allicin. The "stinking rose"  is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent and has been used as far back as the time of Hippocrates as a medicine. Recent research shows garlic benefits the cardiovascular … [Read more...]


Known as the "pizza spice", oregano adds much more than characteristic pizza flavor - it's also packed with antioxidants. In fact, dried oregano has 30 times the antioxidant (ORAC) power of blueberries. There are two primary varieties of this palette-pleasing herb: Mediterranean oregano, which is the dried leaf of Origanum vulgare L., a perennial herb in the Labitae, or mint family;  and … [Read more...]


Coconuts have had a bad rap in recent years. And unjustly so. Recent research shows this nostalgic “nut” (it’s really a seed) offers a myriad of health benefits, some of which may astound you. The coconut's powers range from boosting digestive health and immune function to stoking your body's fat-burning ability. Let's look at the four superfoods the coconut offers... Coconut "water" is the … [Read more...]


Raspberries are an epicurean delight that make a wonderful addition to salads, smoothies, muffins and healthy desserts and more. But these beautiful berries don't just taste great. They're nutritional powerhouses, as well. Raspberries: Fight Cancer Big Antioxidant Protection and Health Benefits In fact, research shows that raspberries may have 10 times more antioxidants than tomatoes or … [Read more...]


Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is considered "the supergrain of the future". Actually, it's not a grain at all, but rather the seed of a leafy plant in the goosefoot family that's distantly related to spinach. As a complete protein, quinoa contains all eight essential amino acids. It is also higher in unsaturated fats and lower in carbohydrates than most grains. Quinoa has a mild flavor … [Read more...]


Kale is a member of the cancer-fighting cruciferous family of vegetables. Along with being an excellent source of antioxidant nutrients beta-carotene and vitamin C, kale is also packed with cell-protecting glucosinolates and sulforaphane, as well as sight-saving lutein. Kale can be prepared in numerous ways-from lightly sauteeing with lemon and extra virgin olive oil to adding fresh to a … [Read more...]

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