Fresh Mozzarella

Known as Mozzarella Fresca in Italy where it originated, Fresh Mozzarella was first made with milk from the water buffalo. Hence it’s common name “Buffalo Mozzarella”.

Fresh Mozzarella is what is known as a Pasta Filata cheese; the curds are kneaded, then stretched and formed into balls or logs. It is not cured in brine or aged like the low-moisture mozzarella we are most familiar with, but rather eaten fresh. To maintain its freshness, the balls are submerged in water.

Fresh Mozzarella has a delicate, milky flavor and a soft, slightly elastic texture. It is delicious served with high quality, organic balsamic vinegar, roasted veggies (try eggplant and bell peppers) and fresh herbs.

HEALING TIP: Because cheese is essentially milk that is condensed it is important to mozzarella cheese made from organic milk, free from hormones.

Selecting and Storing Fresh Mozzarella

Choose organic fresh mozzarella cheese and keep refrigerated. Use within 2 days of opening for optimal freshness. This cheese goes well with fresh or sundried organic tomatoes, nitrite-free organic cured meats, salads, whole grain pizzas and breads, black cured olives, basil, oregano, olive oil, anchovies, sweet red peppers, and melon; for wines, pair with light red wines such as Beaujolais Nouveau or Bartolinos; white wines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Semillon or Sauvignon Blanc.

Preferences: No Fish, No Shellfish, No Red Meat, No Pork, No Eggs, No Gluten, No Nuts, No Seeds, No Soy, No Poultry, No Corn, No Molds, No Tubers, No Citrus, No Yeast, No Peanuts, No Nightshade, No Legumes, No Grains,

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