Fish Sauce

Photo of a fish sauce

Fish sauce is popular throughout Southeast Asia, and is made from various mixtures based on the liquid from salted, fermented fish.

Extremely pungent and strong-flavored, fish sauce can range in color from ochre to deep brown.  Fish sauce is used as a condiment and flavoring, similar to the way soy sauce is used.

Traditional varieties of fish sauce include: nam pla (Thai), nuoc nam  (Vietnamese), patis (Philippines) and shottsuru  (Japanese).


Preferences: No Shellfish, No Gluten, No Soy, No Corn, No Molds, No Tubers, No Yeast, No Peanuts, No Citrus, No Red Meat, No Pork, No Eggs, No Nuts, No Seeds, No Dairy, No Poultry, No Nightshade, No Legumes, No Grains,

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