Escargot, the French word for snail, has been a culinary delicacy for thousands of years.

The best-known varieties today are the vineyard (or Burgundy) snail and the petit-gris. The vineyard snail, grows to about 1 3/4 inches and has a yellowish brown shell. These snails dine on grape leaves and are considered the best eating.

The smaller French petit-gris, which is about 1 inch in length, has a brownish-gray shell and flesh.

Traditionally, snails are served baked in the shell with a sauce of garlic, shallots, parsley and butter.

Selecting and Storing Escargot

Fresh snails are available year-round and can be found in specialty markets. Canned snails and packaged snail shells are available in gourmet markets and many supermarkets.

Preferences: No Fish, No Red Meat, No Pork, No Eggs, No Gluten, No Nuts, No Seeds, No Soy, No Dairy, No Poultry, No Molds, No Tubers, No Citrus, No Nightshade, No Legumes, No Grains, No Corn, No Yeast, No Peanuts,

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