Glucagon The Weight Loss Hormone


Glucagon, often called the “weight loss hormone” is a hormone produced by the pancreas. In many respects it serves as a counter-signal to insulin.

How to Boost Glucagon for Weight Loss Hormone

When the blood sugar begins to fall below normal, glucagon is secreted in increasing amounts. And that’s a really good thing for your physique since this unique hormone stimulates the breakdown of glycogen and body fat.

Do you want to encourage your body to make MORE glucagon? Here’s how…

Eat fewer carbs, more healthy fat and a moderate amount of protein. While protein is beneficial for stimulating your weight loss hormone, the body can convert protein into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. When this happens, blood sugar will rise… and glucagon secretion will be blunted.

Keep Blood Sugar Low and Glucagon High with a Diet Rich in Healthy Fats

Learn more about hormonal weight loss, blood sugar balance and eating to create your ideal physique.

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