Acacia Gum; Acacia Fiber

Acacia gum, or gum arabic, is a complex complex mixture of saccharides and glycoproteins that is soluble in water and in foods. As a food additive, it tends to blend mixtures together, retard sugar crystallization, and act as a thickener.

Gum arabic is used in the confection industry for candies, jellies and glazes, and chewing gum.  It is also used as a stabilizer in soft drinks and beer.  It has been on the GRAS list since 1976 and according to most studies, is safe.

While used in the food industry for years, acacia fiber is now used as a fiber supplement, as well.  It is an invisible fiber that dissolves easily in water and also acts as a prebiotic – helping to means increase the healthy beacteria in the gut. Recent research shows this “invisible” fiber helps to slow down colonic fermentation, helping to decrease gas and bloating. It has also been used with great success for people with IBS.

Acacia fiber contains no gluten, sugar, salt, corn, soy, or yeast.

Culinary Caution: The acacia tree is a common allergen which can cause skin, sinus, or asthmatic reactions.  Anyone who is allergic to acacia should avoid gum arabic.

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