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The Carnivore Diet: A Panacea for Autoimmune & Chronic Illness?

When it comes to modern day epidemics, “chronic diseases” like cancer, heart disease and diabetes … [Read more...]

10 Myths about the Keto Diet

Celebrities, athletes and people in general are raving about the ketogenic diet. And while keto is … [Read more...]

GAPS: A Healing Diet for Body and Mind

Our modern world is awash in chemicals and food-like substances that wreak havoc on your health. … [Read more...]

The Fat That Boosts Brain Function (In Just One Dose!)

For years, mainstream nutritional advice was that we needed carbohydrates (in the form of glucose) … [Read more...]

Is Gluten Intolerance Real – or a Made-Up Hoax?

Not long ago, a university study appeared to throw a bucket of cold water on the “gluten-free” food … [Read more...]

Can a Gluten-Free Diet Increase Your Risk of Arsenic Poisoning?

Although most people don’t know exactly what arsenic is or what it does inside the body… just about … [Read more...]

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