In the moments of merriment, the indiscretions of indulgences silently take their toll on our health. We may not feel it at the time (or even the next morning), but alcohol’s stealthy effects can speed the hands of time and make us more prone to the ravages of aging and chronic disease.

Detox Tip: Protect Your Liver

But as you may have read in a previous Healing Gourmet article, there are simple dietary things you can do to have your drinks (in moderation!) and protect your liver, too.

A recent research study published in the journal Carcinogenesis evaluated the protective effects of grapefruit juice on a liver exposed to one of the best-known chemical assailants—aflatoxin (AFB1).

In the study, lab animals were given grapefruit juice 5 days before being exposed to aflatoxin. The animals receiving the grapefruit juice had 65% less DNA damage to the liver than those not receiving grapefruit juice. What’s more, the animals getting the juice also reduced total DNA damage by 74% compared with the animals not drinking grapefruit.

Detox with Grapefruit

Enjoy fresh grapefruit to help guard your liver and boost your intake of antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C and flavonoids.

Prefer grapefruit juice? To reduce your sugar intake (which we strongly recommend!), mix 1 ounce of grapefruit juice with 7 ounces of sparkling spring water.